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  1. JonUrban

    Might switch back to Charter, a few Q's

    I have had DirectTV for 3 years (after having Dish for 10+). I am tempted to go back to Charter which is my local cable company because I am already paying them $60+ a month for internet, and my DirectTV is almost $200 a month. I did have Charter in between Dish and DirectTV (left Dish because...
  2. JonUrban

    Genie recording conflict question

    I have a Genie receiver with one remote location unit. Tonight I had a program set to record at 9PM tonight. No big deal, but it was the only thing being recorded tonight. So, I was watching a baseball game on the primary receiver, and I got a message telling me the receiver had to switch to...
  3. JonUrban

    Cable Modem (Cisco DPC3010) LED Question

    I have a Cisco DPC3010 cable modem I purchased from Charter (my cable provider) along with the internet service. (I bought it because I did not want to pay the monthly rental fee) I used to see the following on the 5 LEDS: Power: GREEN DS: AMBER US: GREEN ONLINE: AMBER LINK: GREEN...
  4. JonUrban

    New DirecTV Install - Locals breaking up

    I'm having an issue with the local stations on my new DirecTV installation. I would guess that the locals are on the lowest satellite, and the dish can't see them well. I was very familiar with Dish installs when I had it, but have gotten out of the satellite loop, and really don't know much...
  5. JonUrban

    Remote problem with Genie RVU-C31 Client Receiver

    I have a new DirectTV installation (about 2 weeks old) and have an issue with the RVU-C31 Client Receiver. It seems to get into a remote repeat mode, where I press, for example, Down (once), and it keeps going down in the guide. Also, if I try and get to say Channel 213, it tries to go to...
  6. JonUrban

    Genie and an RF Remote

    If you configure the Genie to use an RF remote, does that deactivate the IR sensor? In other words, if you set up the Genie itself for RF, does that mean you can no longer use an IR remote on the unit? Thanks
  7. JonUrban

    Q re: Genie record resolution

    If I set the Genie to display a lower video resolution on its associated display, will it record in low rez, or will it still record in 1080i/720p or whatever the source is? Thanks in advance
  8. JonUrban

    Does the AM21 work with in-house modulated channels?

    I have some old analog cctv cameras that I have connected to a Channel Plus Modulator that I currently can view on analog channels 89, 91, and 93. I just had a Genie system installed with one remote location. If I ordered one of the AM21's, could I connect my RF cable feed with these...
  9. JonUrban

    Couple of Q's from a new DirecTV user

    I had Dish for 10 years or so, from the 4000 reciever up to the 922, but left them when they dumped SNY and most local sports 2 years ago. Went to cable, and today dumped them (Charter) and am now a DirecTV guy! For the first time ever, I had the provider do the installation, and the guy who...
  10. JonUrban

    Does DTV have (or planning for) an "Eastern Arc"?

    Sorry for my cluelessness, but I was a Dish subscriber for 10+ years, but switched back to cable when they dumped the NY Sports channels because sports are important in my house. I started out with the original Dish 4000/5000 receivers and went from there through all the bells and whistles...
  11. JonUrban

    Charter at 1080p (?)

    Does anyone know if Charter has a DVR available that outputs 1080p? I asked via "chat" and they had no clue.
  12. JonUrban

    Out-of-the-Blue DTV bill for "Tax Adjustment"

    I just received a bill from DirectTV, a service which I have not had for at least 4 years. It says I owe $13.40 for a Tax adjustment. Is this legit? I tried to login to their website, but my account is obviously not good anymore. Is this some kind of scam or is it real? I didn't see anyone...
  13. JonUrban

    Preparation to sell Dish DVR - what to do

    Is there anything special that I have to do if I want to sell my two owned Dish DVRs. I seem to recall that I have to call and 'clear' them so that the new owner will not be stuck with any fees, but how do you prove that when you sell it? Do they give you a validation number or something? I...
  14. JonUrban

    922 vs 722 - On Demand differences

    I have a 922 and a 722. I usually use the 922, but the other day I was home sick and was watching the 722 and noticed the new On Demand section. It was pretty impressive, with a grid of different cable networks to select from and then the shows on that network. (I assume these shows when...
  15. JonUrban

    922 Remote (32.0) - Can it do a 722 on AUX?

    With my old "Silver Remotes", there was a way to control another Dish Receiver (via IR) using the [AUX] mode on the primary remote. However, with the new 922 remote, it seems there is no way to do this. What I want to do is have the 922 remote control a 722 when it is in AUX mode. Is this...
  16. JonUrban

    How long since the 4000/5000 receivers were king?

    I started with Dish when I bought a 4000 receiver at a Costco, but I can't recall how long ago that was. If I look at my Dish account on their website, there appears to be no way to tell how old the account is. Does anyone remember when the 4000 was out and being sold at Costco? I also...
  17. JonUrban

    DVR Fees - Will they continue forever?

    I have a PURCHASED 922 and a 722. Because I have these two receivers, I pay (like everyone) $27 a month for the privilege of using them. To me, this is totally ridiculous. I've had every Dish DVR from the time they were released and never had to pay these stupid fees, now I'm getting...
  18. JonUrban

    Tweaking my 1000.4 for better signal

    Guys, I have had a 1000.4 for a while now, since it first came out. Recently, I am having more and more rain fade, and my signal levels have sunk into the 30's and 40's. I think that maybe my dish got hit with a branch or something in a wind storm. No matter, I need to go up and tweak the...
  19. JonUrban

    Q's about "Internet Radio" - the hardware radio

    I was thinking of getting an internet portable Wi-Fi radio, and have a few questions. I've seen a few of them on line, but can't find out how they exactly work. I mean, I figure that I connect them to my wireless router like any other network device, but how do you get stations? Do you...
  20. JonUrban

    Charter Dumping my Cable Card

    I got a letter informing me that my installed Cable Card in my Pioneer Plasma would be "ineffective" after May 18, and I should pull it out and bring it down to swap it for a "free for a year" digital cable box. Of course, after that year, it will cost me $10 a month. They charge $6.40 for the...