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    PR - beIN Sport to Launch Today on DIRECTV

    I think it sucks that us in the Spanish packages are stuck with an SD version of the channel (Spanish only), while those paying for the Sports Pack get the HD version that's in both English and Spanish (secondary audio). What gives?
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    GOL TV is moving !!

    Looks like GolTV is still in HD. I thought that I read in the thread announcing the 5 new HD channels that beIN Sport would be taking GolTV's HD slot, so then GolTV would then be offered only in SD from now on. But that doesn't seem to be the case.
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    Argentinian DirecTV in Texas?

    You don't need to do all that. DirecTV's Spanish language packages have TyC Sports and GolTV. Both channels broadcast Argentine league soccer matches. You're all set. There's nothing else worth watching.
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    Hockey Playoffs

    What you need to do is take a look at the day's broadcasting schedule at NHL Hockey Schedule for April 12, 2012 - - Schedule If you see your local RSN listed, then you have to watch the game on that channel. If its not listed, then you will be able to catch it on the...
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    Changing your free HD offer

    When I signed up for DirecTV about a year ago, they had the Free HD promotion going on. The offer stays valid if I keep auto billpay, paperless billing, and keep a minimum programming package of Choice Xtra (English) or Mas Ultra (Spanish). However, now that DirecTV has introduced the...
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    I'm with you on this one, Iceberg. Moving NHL Network to Choice Ultimate and CBS Sports to Premier is just wrong.
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    Is DirecTV actually going to promote this programming package (i.e., show on website) or will it be another Family or Select package that no one knows about unless they come to this site to hear about it?
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    I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume we're not gonna get Cloo in this package :p
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    I was thinking about that too. My interpretation of the press release means that the package will include only ESPN and ESPN2 as full-time sports channels. The rest of your sports fill will come via other networks that broadcast sports (i.e., TNT for NBA coverage, TBS for MLB). It's...
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    If you have a programming package that doen not include local RSNs, can you add the Sports Pack to get your local RSN? I remember when I was with Dish Network, they did not let you do that.
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    New Directv Prices

    Yeah, you're fine. I signed up May 2011 and the rule at the time to keep the Free HD was that you had to maintain an English programming package of Choice Xtra or higher or a Spanish programming package of Mas Ultra or higher.
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    EN ESPANOL add-on package

    Does anyone have a channel lineup for the EN ESPANOL add-on package ($14.99/mo)? I can't find it anywhere on DirecTV's website. Thanks.
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    New Directv Prices

    I just got an email from DirecTV announcing the price hikes. There was a link to a PDF showing the new prices for each package. I noticed that the Choice Xtra package (to be renamed Choice Xtra Classic) is listed under the "Legacy Packages", which means they are packages no longer available for...
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    Fox Deportes (624) leaving sportspack 1/11/12

    Hopefully they take Fox Soccer Channel out of the Sports Pack too and put it in a low-tier package
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    Overflow Channel Issues

    Did you tune into the games at the right time? I have noticed that on the guide, DirecTV will have a longer than required programming block for these football games to cover any time that the game might go long or perhaps into overtime. For example, if a football game is on at noon, DirecTV will...
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    Although i'd love to have it, I'm not holding my breath. It'll be a while before this one is added. For the time being, I use ESPN3 for the live soccer (mostly La Liga), which has near HD quality. The rest of the programming I just have to suck it up and watch in SD.
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    Longhorn Network - Just say 'No'

    I'm a UT alum and even I wouldn't want a whole network for Longhorns sports. Yeah, I do like having access to all football games each season on TV, but having a whole separate network to get 1-2 football games each season is a bit much. Those games would fit just fine on either ABC, ESPN, ESPN2...
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    Longhorn Network - Just say 'No'

    Getting back to the Longhorn Network, it'll all work out for those Longhorns fans if DirecTV (or whatever your service provider is) doesn't pick up the network because ESPN broadcasts all live games from all of its channels on
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    Longhorn Network - Just say 'No'

    The Big 12 Network works the same way. It's a package of regionally synidicated games shown on various local channels. Both YES Network and Altitude have also picked up the package, so its not exclusive to just Big 12 member states. Here's the station list for the Big 12 Network... 2010-11 Big...
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    Longhorn Network - Just say 'No'

    I like this idea. But I don't understand why DirecTV treats Big Ten Network as a national network. Anyone gets the channel if they subscribe to an English language package, even if you're not in a Big Ten state. However, if you subscribe to a Spanish language package and want the channel, adding...