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    Satellite 103 lost?

    Thanks. It's a big sports bar too..... :(
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    Satellite 103 lost?

    Unable to get NFL channels on Sunday in the 700's. Are these on the 103 satellite? Or could it be a bad LNB? Thanks.
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    DIRECTV Down?

    We're back up here in So Cal. Our technicians say that satellite 110 SD remained on and that HD was down. Could be they are shutting down SD this month and someone pushed the wrong button!
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    DIRECTV Down?

    Down in So Cal.....even our Dealer access phone line has a recording.....same message on most screens although some TV's remain on.
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    Hello kjlued, I'm interested in a picture of the back of this H-25 puppy. I need to know...

    Hello kjlued, I'm interested in a picture of the back of this H-25 puppy. I need to know exactly what outputs are available. Could you point me in hte right direction? Thanks, Mike
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    I'm Kathy Schramm (Maiden name) in So. Cal.....small Dad was born in Batavia N.Y...

    I'm Kathy Schramm (Maiden name) in So. Cal.....small Dad was born in Batavia N.Y., named Daryl Schramm. We are a DIRECTV Commercial Dealer out here. Just saying "Hi". What is your flag about? Germany?
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    H-24, B Band converters

    Has anyone had issues installing the new H-24 receivers and the need for the up band converters? The converters are not in the carton. Does it make any difference if either SWM or not? M
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    Zinwell 6x16 WB phase-out?

    Hearing mandate from DTV that Zinwell 6x16 WB multiswitches are no longer approved. Why? Is this a push for SWM systems or political infighting? Anybody heard?
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    Nascar Hotpass drivers announced for Daytona 500

    Nascar Hotpass Preview Yes, at least for Commercial customers we have been told the free preview will be: February 18, 2007 (Daytona 500/Daytona International Speedway), Channels 794 – 799. :eureka
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    DirecTV-only MLB package?

    I believe it's official, D* now has exclusivity of NFLST, MLB Extra Innings, Mega March Madness and the new NASCAR HotPass. Looks like we will be busy soon! No word as yet on games in HD.
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    DirecTV-only MLB package?

    Not only is NFL (the Elephant of all sports in America) exclusive to DTV but so is Mega March Madness. Check it out!
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    HR20 audio drops

    Thanks guys for the response on this. I too have watched this happen in a sports bar for the first half of the playoff game of SDO chargers, audio drops from 4 -7 seconds. I came home for the second half and experienced it there as well. My signal strength is at 90% or higher on all local HD...
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    H20's to delete internal RF capability?

    Yep - makes sense. Unfortunately for us, commercial installs are preferably RF. Our supplier, Perfect 10, charges $35 for the UHF Remote Kit LRRX which includes the antenna. We're thinking of making our own antennas for the $10 difference. I'll check out the $5 antenna price you mentioned...
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    H20's to delete internal RF capability?

    We have been told by our supplier that the H20 will no longer include RF capability along with the optional RF antenna. They are suggesting we purchase a separate RF Kit for $25.00 each. We do commercial installs and need RF! Has anyone else heard about this?:eek: :(
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    Can Ebay bought receivers still be activated as owned?

    Once you have a valid and current DIRECTV subscription, you can add and subtract receivers as desired. However, you pay an addl. charge for every receiver you add. I would never buy a receiver off EBay or lease one as the prior status of the access card would determine whether you could use it...
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    General Liability Ins?

    Hmmmm.... I hadn't thought of my insurance is State Farm and they are large. I will give it a try. Thanks :clap
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    Perfect Vision Birddog

    Do you mean Perfect-10? They are a distributor and carry Birdog I believe. I wanted to include the website here but the post-cops got me. Try a lookup on Perfect-10 in Arkansas. :rolleyes:
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    General Liability Ins?

    Anyone got a clue for me on who to call for affordable general liability insurance? I'm a small-time commercial installer and some of our customers require proof of insurance before the building mgmt will allow us on the roof. Thinking maybe 1 Mil? Thanks..... :D