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    Latest Wally Update

    What’s the latest Wally software update? Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Wally with Pathfinder X2 loses signal at night

    My Wally and pathfinder x2 has great signal strength all day but at night but when I cut off my receiver the next morning I get a “complete loss of signal “ screen. I have to rescan to get service again. Help please. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Lost Channels

    Has anyone lost a bunch of channels? I have gone from my locals to 140 ESPN!! Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Wally Question

    Is it better to hook a new Wally receiver up to my home system the first time and then move it to my camper? I have 2 Hopper w/sling for my home system will it work with this?
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    Ext Hard Drive for Wally

    Do I need to use a EHD with a external power supply or a portable one powered by USB for Wally. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Wally and 40.0 remote

    Will 40.0 remote work with Wally receivers
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    Help with Wally

    I ordered a Wally with a Winegard Pathway X2 for my RV. My question is can I hook it up to my home dish the first time to get it authorized and get updated. Also can I keep it hooked up while we’re at home and just use the Pathfinder when camping. Also what is the limit on external hard drives...
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    Dish for Camper

    I am getting a new camper and would like to know what is the best Dish receiver and antenna for my camper. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Hopper w/Sling not showing all recordings

    My HWS is not showing all recordings in some folders on DVR. This just started. I have the new U703 update. Anyone else have this problem?
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    OTA Breakup Problem

    Has anyone found a solution to the picture pixelation and sound breakup on recordings made on OTA channels on the HWS. I have tried everything that has been posted on this forum. Nothing has worked.
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    Where is CBS Sports Network

    Where is CBS Sports Network ch 158?
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    Backing up timers and Guide questions

    How do you back up remote(timers) with U236 software on Hopper w/sling. Also how do you get the guide to show only HD channels.
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    EHD's and new interface

    Do I need to unplug my EHD's before getting the new interface on HWS?
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    Wrong Icons on DVR recordings

    Why are icons on recorded shows showing the wrong icon or the icon for the channel? Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Edit timer names

    Can you edit the name of a manual timer on hopper
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    Switching Hoppers from room to room

    I want to change the location of my two hoppers, put the one in the living room in the bedroom and the bedroom in the living room. I want the timers to stay the same but on the different hoppers. Can I switch the timers from one hopper to the other using the remotes?
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    EHD Formatting

    How long does it take to format. It seems like it taking a long time. 3tb second one on my hopper.
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    Lost Saved Programs

    The power went off for a second this morning. My hopper w/sling rebooted and came back on with no problem, but all my saved programs were gone. I unplugged the hopper several times with no luck.. All my timers are there and the program guide is there so the hard drive is okay. Can you send...
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    Transfering Hopper Timers

    I am getting a new Hopper w/sling to replace one with a bad hard drive. Can I transfer my timers from my old remote to my new Hopper?
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    Hard Drive Failure

    The past two mornings when I cut on my HWS I got the screen message "Hard Drive Failure. Unplug receiver for 10 seconds" I did this both times and all recorded programs were still there. Is my receiver going bad or is there another problem?