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  1. solarvic

    What is usb ports used for on a tv

    How do you use usb ports on a tv? What is their purpose?
  2. solarvic


    Been doing research on looking at new tv,s. Ilooking at 2 tv models of LG nano cell tvs. What is the difference of a nano led and a regular led? The cheaper model is SM8600PUA and is edge lit. The other model is SM9000PUA which is backlight led. I am interested in either a 65 inch or a 75...
  3. solarvic

    Anyone try a starchoice 60 e dish to receive orby tv.

    I already have a 60e starchoice dish mounted and no longer can use it for shaw direct. Looked on lyngesat and everything there is for shaw direct. It sure looks like the orby tv dish and I would like to set it up for the orby satellite service. The 60e dish lnb is the dual satellite that is...