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  1. gasman882001

    Dish /T-Mobile

    Welp, after a few years, my old Sprint Sero plan will be a thing of the past :-)
  2. gasman882001

    Channel 540, 4k

    Now I wish they would just start having more programming on the channel!
  3. gasman882001

    These random software updates are making me really MAD.

    Had the same thing happen to me on Saturday at 11 a.m. on my H3. Was not recording anything but was like, what changed, my setting to check has always been the default of 3:00 a.m.???
  4. gasman882001

    Free 54.1 Remote With Google Assistant

    Yep, my 90 year old dad got one and panicked right away thinking they were going to charge him extra for something or that he would not be able to use his old 40s remote that he has had for years. Only took me like 5 years to get him use to that remote and he has directions in his hand writing...
  5. gasman882001

    Forum Software Moving to 2.1 Shortly

    Do whatever you need to do with the app, I rarely use it but if the new software is fully compatible with mobile devices, why not, go for saving money :-)
  6. gasman882001

    Redoing roof in near future. Who’s responsible for DirecTV dish?

    With DISH but recently had a roof replacement because of wind and hail damage. My homeowners policy did give me a small amount added to my check for re-pointing of dish, i did not ask, they just included. My dish is accessible from a shorter 8 foot ladder on the eave of my breezeway roof on...
  7. gasman882001

    Hopper 3 Software Issues

    Just wanted to get some input from this wonderful site full of knowledge to decide what I should do or if other are having these same issues. I recently got a new roof on the house so needed a tech visit to put the dish back up on roof and repoint (I don't climb ladders anymore, wife orders :)...
  8. gasman882001

    501, 508, 625 worth anything?

    Wife still calls ATM's, Genie machines. Think comes from her old bank account from up North.
  9. gasman882001

    Dish and Sprint?

    People are always complaining about Sprints coverage and being a long time Sprint customer, at times I can agree. But....... There are areas that I have traveled that my wife's Verizon phone is having issues with week signal so I pull out my Sprint phone and have full bars. Also occurs at my...
  10. gasman882001

    Name your favorite Dish Network remote...

    40s around the house. 54 for backlight in bedroom.
  11. gasman882001

    Dish anywhere users limit?

    Also, if you have no clue who is logging in, you could always change the password to your Dish account and that would take care of it. Family member would then come to you if it was them :-)
  12. gasman882001

    Hopper/Joey Wireless

    Had a Joey 2 before the wireless Joey. Wireless was a tiny bit faster for me.
  13. gasman882001

    What is your current phone?

    Still rocking my S7 edge on Sprint.
  14. gasman882001

    Hopper/Joey Wireless

    Another caveat with a wireless Joey, if you house has brick and depending where you are trying to set up the wireless Joey from the Dish WAP, there could be signal strength issues. I had to take the Dish WAP out of the theater tower I had it in and place on floor to right of the cabinet to get...
  15. gasman882001

    Just Canceled

    Glad I saw this thread. Reminded me I needed to call in for my annual renewal. Went from full price XM Select to promo of $7.77 per month, price locked for a year. Comes out to around $93 for the year. For me traveling on the road, well worth that amount. Yes, much higher than my annual...
  16. gasman882001

    Joey pixelation

    Did the ethernet PowerLine connection, removing wireless. Stable so far.
  17. gasman882001

    Joey pixelation

    Can I have some more detailed directions on how to do this. Still having issues with WIFI Joey and Dish router from H3. About once a week I have to power all off and plug back in to get the wireless joey working again. Of course during prime time so all the programs get messed up and the wife...
  18. gasman882001

    Joey pixelation

    I will have to give that a try this evening, thanks!
  19. gasman882001

    Should we go to Team Summit?

    Donated. Keep it going!
  20. gasman882001

    Joey pixelation

    Ok everyone, I need some thoughts/help/further troubleshooting ideas. I went home, unplugged the OTA module. Unplugged my H3, unplugged wireless Dish distribution box connected to H3 by Ethernet plug & unplugged wireless Joey. Plugged back in all 3 and let them go through their restarting...