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    Older Shawdirect Winegard systems needs upgrade Now

    Shaw Direct has recently implemented the third and final phase of its transition plan from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 satellite encoding. This change will bring many exciting new features to Shaw Direct customers, including expanded high definition (HD) programming options, enhanced programming guide...
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    October changes for Shawdirect

    IMPORTANT NEWS September 13, 2018 MPEG-4 Transition Plan Phase 2 Steps 8 to 10 This is a reminder that the following changes will take place in October 2018 during Steps 8 to 10 of Phase 2 in the Transition to MPEG-4. Launches CPAC HD will launch on F2 T2, BBC Canada HDwill launch on F2 T5...
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    800 series

    This summer, we are pleased to introduce to you our new 8XX series receivers, which we are expecting to launch at the end of June. The new receivers offer some exciting features at competitive rates, see details below. 8XX features summary HDDSR800 WiFi capable PPV ordering via remote...
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    Shawdirect V-codes

    This is a C&P from one of our installer forums and I thought a few of you may find it interesting or helpful.. The Classic map is our main one, the Advance was only used for about 1 year before they switched back to the classic. Cheers. I thought i would post this list if you don't have a copy...
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    What's New with Shaw Direct

    What's New with Shaw Direct C & P (The CSR's are also now telling people that F1 & F2 will no longer work in the US or Mexico as of the end of June. Hope this is not true!) 2nd Home Program: 2nd Home is a new program we have created for customers looking to stay connected with Shaw Direct...