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  1. Broe67

    Can no longer pick up MeTV

    I have reset and ran a new OTA scan on my AM21N. I am not able to find 55.2 MeTV. When I went through the TPN Spreadsheet, It was showing that a lot of areas are no longer carrying MeTV on 55.2. Even when I have addressed messages to our local affiliate, which Sinclair owns, along with the...
  2. Broe67

    AM-21N picking up area repeaters

    Has anyone else noticed that local area repeaters showing up in the OTA list? I was fiddling with mine today and found them in the list of OTA channels, but the guide is only showing the actual tower signal.
  3. Broe67

    Cubs Baseball programming changes for select markets.

    It was announced tonight that for 22 games, starting on April 7th, WAND will start rebroadcasting Cubs games on the NBC (17.1 OTA) channel. Regular NBC programming during game time will be carried on the Cozi-TV Sub-Channel (17.2). This is due to the Chicago out of market agreement with WGN...
  4. Broe67

    HR-44/700 software 0x992 update

    With the new update, the AM-21N I have hooked up to my HR-44/700 is always powered on now, even though the DVR has been "Powered off".
  5. Broe67

    Problem recording from Encore OnDemand 1535

    Anyone else having problems recording from the Premium channels for offline viewing? I am trying to record "Woodstock" from Encore channel 1535. The recording gets half way, then goes to "Pending Download". Even if I try and just live view the movie. It stops playing and states "Pending...
  6. Broe67

    DirecTV set to take over Houston RSN it refused to carry

    AT&T (NYSE: T) and DirecTV (NASDAQ: DTV) are set to take over struggling regional sports network CSN Houston. According to reorganization plans filed in federal bankruptcy court on Wednesday, Aug. 6, ownership of the network will be transferred from Comcast's (NASDAQ: CMCSA) NBCUniversal unit...
  7. Broe67

    Genie firmware 0x08c2 Menu shortcuts

    Now there is a new quick way of getting through the menus. Just press Menu key, followed by the number key in the list below. Menu 0. Settings Menu 1. Movies Menu 2. Sports Menu 3. TV Shows Menu 4. Smart Search Menu 5. On Demand Menu 6. Playlist Menu 7. Manage Recordings Menu 8. YouTube Menu...
  8. Broe67

    Problems downloading from HBO 1501

    Has anyone else having issues with downloading programming from HBO OnDemand Channel 1501? I went from Comcast's 105/20 package to their 20/5 package, since my son is out of the house. I have not had any issues streaming any other OnDemand programming. The problematic show is "The Neutral...
  9. Broe67

    Took the dive and bought a AM-21N

    Came home this afternoon to a brand new AM-21N on my porch. Solid Signal I can say, is fast on getting equipment to you. Only thing is that for my area, we do not get the Sub Channel that the local Fox affiliate carries, which is Me-TV. No biggie, since there is nothing on that channel, that...
  10. Broe67

    HR44/700 Software update 0x808, SWM Firmware 2.0.24

    Looks like they changed some things with the new update. Found that in Network settings, STB Services Port & Audio Services port now show working. Captioning now has a Digital Track. HD Channels are looking a little better. Before you could see Mosquito noise in certain channels. Now that...
  11. Broe67

    Comcast trying to aquire Time Warner Cable Holdings

    It is a done deal. Comcast has now become the largest monopoly for both CATV & TV channel holdings. This deal was for the Time Warner holdings for broadcast mostly, not for the CATV infrastructure. $45 Billion, just bought Comcast a new company and its channels...
  12. Broe67

    ABCFHD Problems

    Anyone else having issues with ABC Family HD tonight? I am getting what appears to be stuttering, as if the video is in a weird slow mo playback on the Live feed. It has been going on since around 6:20 pm Central Illinois time 12/26/13.
  13. Broe67

    Round one of the big Snow fall over

    Waited until the majority of the snowfall was over last night, before going out and brushing off the dish. The wife & I wanted to watch the Internship, so I left well enough alone, since we were not going to be watching anything from the birds. Signal started to go out around 6:15, when the...
  14. Broe67

    HR44/700 & update 797

    Has anyone else noticed that the SWM, no longer shows up in Signal Meters, with update 797.