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  1. AcWxRadar

    For a friend... Borisov

    Boris, This has nothing to do with satellites or FTA TV, I am just posting this to say "WELCOME" to our forum to you. And to say "THANKS" for all your posts and pictures that you have submitted so far. To thank you and welcome you, I desired to play this musical number in your name, I...
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    Are the reruns of this program (Mystery Science Theater 3000) available anywhere on FTA satellite? Ku band or C? RADAR
  3. AcWxRadar

    Looking for ideas and input

    Unrelated to satellite reception... but based on the concept of a dish. Watch this video and then I have some questions regarding my project: What I am doing: I am constructing a large "pond" or water tank for my cabin on the river to maintain live baitfish for fishing. Bluegills and...
  4. AcWxRadar

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! I hope that you will enjoy this. This is my Christmas card. It is unusual, but don't let that disturb you. My mind works a little differently than most and therefore I come up with some unusual ways to express my innermost feelings. A Quote from...
  5. AcWxRadar

    Solar outage and sun alignment on-line calculators

    My favorite on-line calculator for the solar alignment has been altered and now I am frankly very disappointed in how it functions. This was the one that I used to use: Does anyone have links to others that work well and are versatile...
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    I am just curious, folks. We dabble into a bit of everything technical and I know that there are a few members here who ARE already into living off-the-grid to at least some measure. Would anyone be interested in or support a full time forum for such discussions? Solar, wind, water etc...
  7. AcWxRadar

    Boogie Woogie (It ain't what you think)

    I had a Dream Last Night... I heard Mamma talkin ' to Daddy. She said "Hank, Bocephus wants to Boogie Woogie". I heard Daddy's reply to Mamma... "Audrey, it's in him and its got to come out! Let the Boy BOOGIE WOOGIE!" Have Mercy! BOOGIEWOOGIE.wmv - YouTube RADAR
  8. AcWxRadar

    Please be CAREFUL when driving! It only takes 5 seconds to slip.

    I hope that it is acceptable that this is not a YouTube segment. It is quite intense and should be viewed by all drivers. It is quite dramatic, but don't worry it is not grotesque (you cannot see any of the gruesome parts of it). Vidvir - Car accident [NSFL] RADAR
  9. AcWxRadar

    Verizon MiFi 4510L + AZBox Premium Plus WiFi {DISCUSSION}

    Since I am moving, I have to shut down my Wild Blue satellite internet. I had all my PCs and my AZBoxes connected through a Linksys wireless router, so I had the WiFi working for all AZBoxes previously. However, I didn't want to reset my Wild Blue again and I can't just transfer it to my...
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    I do believe that you will enjoy this. APOD: 2012 April 11 - Geostationary Satellites Beyond the Alps RADAR
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    I am going to miss you folks for a while. I have to move my residence. The landowner that I was leasing from at my cabin passed away and the new owner wants his son to move in to the house (which I call my cabin). I have been living here at this so called "cabin" for seven or so years...
  12. AcWxRadar

    Getting Married (?)

    Let's have a little fun here. MrFTAMan is getting married, so that got me thinking of some way to harass him just a bit. That's typical of what guys do just to rub the other fella's nose in it. But, we don't really mean anything negative and we know it. It's just a bit of a hazing for...
  13. AcWxRadar

    Classic Oldies on OETA PBS fund drive right NOW!

    Check it out! Pledge drive with awesome oldies music! Live 60's bands. Original bands / solos. OETA HD on 125W 830pm CT RADAR
  14. AcWxRadar

    A Harmonica in Carnegie Hall

    Buddy Greene at Carnegie Hall - YouTube
  15. AcWxRadar

    Advice for TEST12345

    Hey Test, I see that you are still doing your homework and research. Might I add a very simple recommendation to you here? No matter what I or anyone else recommends, remember that this whole endeavor is a hobby and it is your hobby. If you have a specific budget in mind for your hobby...
  16. AcWxRadar

    Hybridized Jon Boat / Waverunner Motor

    I intend to build my own soon. I have the waverunner and the jon boat, just gotta get 'em mated together. The river here is too shallow and has too many submerged logs to utilize an outboard prop motor, but a waverunner or jet ski manages it excellently! But you cannot haul any gear on a...
  17. AcWxRadar

    1929 Fordson Snow Tractor

    I want one! Fordson Snow Machine - 1929 Concept - YouTube RADAR
  18. AcWxRadar

    Man Can Fly!

    Didn't see anyone post this one yet... This is WILD! Man Can Fly! - YouTube RADAR
  19. AcWxRadar

    SES 2 @ 87.0°W TP's and Ch's

    Hi Y'all, I am working on filling in the information for this bird (Ku band side) on SatBeams SATELLITE CHART page. I need some information concerning a few of the TPs and channels. If you are able to determine the answer to my question, I would appreciate...
  20. AcWxRadar

    Guy on a Buffalo (invitation)

    You MUST check this out! RADAR