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  1. antimoz

    Just Canceled

    Just did my semi-annual call to SXM. First offer was $72 for one year for Select package w/streaming, all fees included ($60/year plus fees). Previously was on "Select Lite" (no streaming) at same price.
  2. antimoz

    NHL Center Ice 2019-20

    Devils too..
  3. antimoz

    Dish 4k channel guide deleted the NCAA football game for Saturday

    Likely removed because of the Fox channels no longer available on Dish.
  4. antimoz

    Looks like Dish May drop FX networks..

    As this trend continues the rural subscribers will continue to lose out because they cannot reliably access the internet and enough bandwidth to stream content at a reasonable price. The acceleration of subs to OTT services will greatly outpace the installation of rural internet services...
  5. antimoz

    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    Dish Earth was the best. Geek alert! I used to record solar eclipses visible in the Western Hemisphere and watch them on fast forward.
  6. antimoz

    fox sports dispute

    The bet here is yes. They will likely SD for the Fox RSN (Home) feeds. Non-FOX away feeds may still be in HD IF Dish has an agreement to carry them. We shall see.
  7. antimoz

    ACC network

    SNY, YES, MSG, MSG+ and MSG Buffalo have not been carried by DISH for nearly 10 years. In Western NY our RSN's are FSN-Ohio (now currently in dispute) and ATT Pittsburgh. My belief is that the next time the contract with ATT-PIT comes up that RSN will be lost too and as time goes on all RSN's...
  8. antimoz

    Fox Regional Sports Networks Block DISH and Sling TV Customers

    I somehow think it has to do with DirecTV's contracts with the providers. We had a similar situation here in Western NY where the Rangers, Islanders games on MSG were blacked out on what is now Charter/Spectrum and Dish but not on DirecTV. This was over 10 years ago though.
  9. antimoz

    Dish is Down

    And its generally civil and well moderated. Scott and the team run a pretty good ship here.
  10. antimoz

    Fox Regional Sports Networks Block DISH and Sling TV Customers

    Some of us in Western NY continue to be adversely affected by the DISH-RSN carriage disputes. We sit in the "home" markets for the Yankees (YES), Mets (SNY), Pirates (ATT) and Indians (FSN-Ohio). For NHL and NBA the Sabres , Rangers, Islanders and Knicks are all carried by MSG and claim...
  11. antimoz

    Dish is Down

    Tim Horton's
  12. antimoz

    Roku vs Firestick streamers to supplement Hopper

    Firestick question. Long time Dish sub at remote cabin. Hopper 3 in living room with a wired Joey in the bedroom. Limited Internet service is provided through a 4G LTE WiFi router. Hopper is connected to the WiFi router. We have spotty 4G LTE service and a very limited data cap so no...
  13. antimoz

    Streaming now included on Select for Car/Radio Subs

    If we continue to get the $30/6-month, $60/12-month deals for Select it is a really good deal for me. I'm curious to know how this might effect Pandora subscriptions. I have been a Pandora Plus sub since it's beginning and will now likely drop Pandora because I can stream SXM.
  14. antimoz

    No NBC or MNT in Austin Market...

    WIVB 4 CBS Buffalo off. Running the same crawl urging DirecTV subs to call to get their channel back. Without OTA how might the subscriber see this message? Silly.
  15. antimoz


    My guess is that the royalties DISH pays for the privilege to have the app on the Hopper isnt resulting in an increase of Netflix subscribers that would offset those payments.
  16. antimoz

    RSNs on Dish

    I’m in Western NY. No MSG, Yes or SNY. My regionals are ATT-PIT (ROOT), ATT-Rocky Mtn and Fox Sports Ohio (Cleveland). No hockey on any of them because we are in the Sabres DMA, no NBA but we do get the Pirates, Indians and Rockies. Great for baseball (not a Yankees or Mets fan) but not...
  17. antimoz

    Just Canceled

    Last time around (a couple of months ago) I asked for a year for $60 too. They refused.
  18. antimoz

    here we go again, another dispute between Dish & Tegna impending

    The propaganda begins. DISH Network Alert |
  19. antimoz

    NHL Center Ice

    You are correct about exclusivity but the games shown on NBC and NBCSN are not simulcast on NHL Network. It is very annoying that the games shown on NHL Network are not available on, particularly when I'm on the road and NHL Network is carrying a game I'd like to watch. Games shown on...