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  1. Go Sox!!

    Charter Spectrum Speed Increases

    $64.99/MO Here in IL.
  2. Go Sox!!

    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    I would like to win a HopperGO!
  3. Go Sox!!

    DISH’s Pocket-Sized HopperGO Lets Customers Take DVR on the Road

    They are now available at Dish Store
  4. Go Sox!!

    Dead hopper?

    Add me to this growing list as well.
  5. Go Sox!!

    Full time RSN's on Dish?

    I thought I would never see the day of full time RSN on Dish. This is a good day!
  6. Go Sox!!

    Bluetooth Headphone Suggestions

    Creative WP-350
  7. Go Sox!!

    Bluetooth Headphone Suggestions

    I have used these for a few years and have been happy with them when used with the hopper 2 and now the 3
  8. Go Sox!!


    I am interested in a Hopper 3 upgrade. Thanks!
  9. Go Sox!!

    Dish Bill

    With all due respect and I appreciate the quick response, but I have 70 reasons not to do that.:) I just thought someone else may have seen it before.
  10. Go Sox!!

    Dish Bill

    Anybody know what this credit could be for on my last bill?
  11. Go Sox!!

    Amazon Echo

    I would not be surprised to see it lowered to $99 shortly after the full release/Holidays due to lower than expected demands. There are many people I know concerned with Amazon listening in on your private conversations in your home for Marketing reasons.
  12. Go Sox!!

    Amazon Echo

    No invite Yet. Just do not think its worth $200. I would probably jump at $99. I do not think it was a good idea to do the invite system. Unless everyone that requested one will get an invite you will have some upset Prime Members.
  13. Go Sox!!

    Question about buying wireless Joey

    You still need to pay $7.00 month on an owned Joey. The only benefit I know of with an owned Joey is you are able to activate and deactivate whenever you want. I own one and only activate when I have people visiting. Also make sure you have a Wireless access point for the wireless Joey
  14. Go Sox!!

    hopper, wireless joey ?

    They are but they both have a small plastic notch on the bottom of the connector and the Wireless Joey notch is smaller than the regular Joey's
  15. Go Sox!!

    hopper, wireless joey ?

    I just pulled out an old Joey and the connectors are not quite the same. The wireless joey is a red connector and has a smaller slot for the connector to slide into. The Wireless Joey supply may work with a regular Joey but not vice versa.
  16. Go Sox!!

    hopper, wireless joey ?

    I will call dish. The one you can order from the store or Ebay is for the regular Joey and I believe the Wireless Joey has a different connector.
  17. Go Sox!!

    hopper, wireless joey ?

    Does anybody know how I can get another power supply for the wireless Joey?
  18. Go Sox!!

    New Wireless Joey Info!!!

    I assume you can also move the Wireless Joey from T.V. to T.V. if you want? My plan was getting an extra HDMI and power adaptor and moving the Joey from room to room as needed.
  19. Go Sox!!

    Discounted Starz

    You can also check the Starz website. They frequently offer $25 gift cards for adding Starz for 3 months.
  20. Go Sox!!

    I want an IPad

    I had my 3rd referral on 11/16 and got a shipping confirmation from Apple on 11/25 and iPad delivered on 11/27