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    Play Recorded Show instantly "Delete Recording?"

    I've been having a problem with my HR20-700 for a few weeks now. Shows seem to record ok but playback has had problems. Sometimes, playing a recording will instantly display the "Delete Recording" prompt, as if it's finished playing the entire show. Other times.. I'll be watching playback...
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    Sirius Activation Fee

    I'd like to try Sirius but I'm not very optimistic that I'll like it. My main concern is the quality of the audio. Some people say it's horrible, other people say it's fine. Think there's any chance I can get signed up without paying an activation fee? Even without an activation fee, I'm...
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    New Posts

    I liked the way "New Posts" was handled under the old system, where you clicked "New Posts", then "DirecTV" and it would show only new posts for the DirecTV forum. I guess you can do that now by going to Forums, DirecTV, and looking at the 'bolded' topics. It's hard to quickly find the group...
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    Installed D* ... Have 811 & 522 product #s ??

    I had D* installed last week -- DirecTivo and Std receiver. I was looking through some of the extra paperwork and found some E* receiver info mixed in ... maybe dropped or accidentally left by the installer. I have 2 slips, one for a 522 and one for an 811. Both have a several different...
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    Leaving E* today ... prorate fees?

    I'm calling E* to cancel after D* is setup today. I've read posts where E* wouldn't prorate charges for partial months when cancelling. I haven't paid my bill yet this month so, I have to option of sending whatever I want. I'm assuming they're gonna object to prorating the fee and not give me...
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    Free 3 months of HBO/CINE

    I ordered a D* system last weekend. When I ordered (via phone) there wasn't any mention of the 3 free months of HBO/CINE and I forgot to ask about it. However, the website shows 3 free months, and pretty much everywhere you look right now says 3 free months for new subs. I assume this simply...
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    DirecTV Quarterly Earnings, conference call

    Does DirecTV make the audio to their quarterly conference call available online like Echostar does?
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    Satellite channel comparison

    Isn't there a table online somewhere that lists all the channels and shows E* / D* side-by-side for a comparison of who has what?