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    DISH OTA questions

    -Is the OTA antenna attached to the existing Dish? Does a separate wire need to be run? -Any recording or guide issues I need to be concerned?
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    Netflix buffering on Hopper 3

    When I connect to Netflix via my Hopper 3, it occasionally (1 of 5 times) buffers endlessly at 25%. Audio of the show works but picture is frozen. This seems to be a known problem with Dish for at least the last year, but nowhere on the internet is there a solution. Anyone here been able to...
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    Netflix freezes on Hopper 3

    I understand that this has been a problem for at least a years. anyone hear anything from Dish on a solution or do I have to unplg the Hopper and wait for a reboot?
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    Channel 540 no programming?

    I have a Hopper 3 and 4K tv. Went to my Dish guide and enabled them 540. Looking for 4K programming I see not a single show on any of the three 4k channels over the next two weeks I called Dish and they said this is normal and that 4K programming on shows up on those channels occasionally. I...
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    129 Judder?

    Tonight I have been noticing judder on 129 channels. Anyone else notice?
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    129 Update?

    For weeks there was all kinds of speculation about 129 and now for days I can find anything. Is the new sat up and running? Anyone notice any signal changes?
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    VIP 622 problem on TV2

    Have had a VIP 622 running for two years with no problems. All of the sudden the TV2 feed to my second TV doesn't work. Checked to insure that the output channel was On-Air 60 and the second TV was set to 60. Then I ran the cable from the TV2 output to my main TV. Still nothing. That leads me...
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    VIP 622 shared view problem

    Have been using my 622 for a year with no problem. Have a TV connected in a different room via TV1 shared output. Has worked fine for a year now I can't get a signal to the second TV. I have made no changes to any settings. Ideas?
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    Stretch mode on Plasma for SD

    I'm cosidering the Samsung HPS4253 but don't want to deal with stretch modes on SD. The manual and salesperson says it's required. But with the gray sidebars and pixel shift (Samasung feature) is it really required?
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    Can't take it anymore!

    I switched from DTV Tivo to Dish 622 3 months ago. I love the 622's features but the drop out, reboots and jittery video is too much. Thought they would fix some of the problems and send a fix via download. Didn't happen. Finally called and asked them to send me a replacement unit. Are the...
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    622 can't delete recorded programs

    Just got the 622 and it won't let me delete a pre-recorded program while it's playing. It forces me to replay the entire program until finished before it lets me delete.
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    Dish 1000 installation

    Thinking about moving to E, but an installer said there might be issues with installing a Dish 1000 antenna on my cedar shake roof. Is this true?