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    AZBOX azbox networking

    I've enabled the file server on my azbox elite hoping to access the azbox from my laptop. I can access my laptop from the azbox, but not the azbox from the laptop. It shows up as AZBOX on the laptop, but I get an error when I click on it. I've searched here, and most of the threads deal with...
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    HH120 + disecq = hunting?

    I've just installed a hh120 motor with the disecq switch between the motor and lnbf. Using USALS mode the dish keeps oscillating between a good signal and no signal. Using disecq 1.2 I can't zero in on the signal. Straight hook up works like a champ. Bad disecq? I've been using it on a fixed ku...
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    300 file recording limit

    I hit a limit on the number of files - 300 - that can reside in the recordfiles folder on the az. I've got a 1TB external on my elite that's half full. The other night I set up a recording and when it came time to record the show, got a message about 300 entries - delete some to record. That was...
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    geosat ck2 f/d

    How do you set the f/D on the ck2? Just got around to setting one up... need a little more signal q for the s2-8psk signals. Thanks, Ebo
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    TP time

    The azbox has a selection of TP for setting the time. I selected this setting and nothing happened. How should this work? I checked back after 24 hours - zip. Ebo
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    Coolsat pro loader

    Good Afternoon, I recently purchased a coolsat 4000 pro as a backup off of ebay. It appears that it's been hacked. I've downloaded the 1.3 firmware from coolsat's website but am lacking the loader software. A google search leads me to the hack sites - I don't want to do that. The link in the...