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    Is there a way to know what's the maximum TX ERP for ATSC 3.0 Vs ATSC 1.0?

    As with any rf signals, narrow bandwidth signals out distance wide band ones using the same power all things being equal. However, the ATSC 3.0 OFDM format should compensate for this slight disadvantage.
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    Connecting digital/analog existing antenna to direct tv cable

    The balun has been torn off the terminals which should be located on the bowtie looking element. It's missing a VHF reflector but that shouldn't hurt it's performance drastically. The dish receiver should have a antenna input jack on the back for connecting a outdoor antenna. If the antenna coax...
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    Help with selecting an Antenna

    That's a excellent price and the 751 is made by Winegard so it's a real performer from 7-36
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    Antenna Help

    You need a medium gain antenna that works on 2-6, 7-13, and 14-36. The Channel Master CM3018 or RCA3036 and a Winegard LNA-200 preamp would be a good choice.
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    Antennas on the eBay with ridiculous reception claims... 5000 miles...WTF?

    With the thousands of fake Amazon reviews and dozens of fake youtube "reviews" driving sales of Chinese slave made garbage, the communists are making billions off the gullible consumers who are penny wise and dollar stupid
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    Help for my brother in Napa, Calif. for OTA

    Since most stations are line of sight and under 40 miles from Napa, that antenna might actually give him enough channels to make him happy. As Navy chop said, it's not a very good antenna and is UHF only and 40 miles might be near it's max range. And like he pointed out, a roku box would give...
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    Homemade OTA antenna

    Commercial made antennas are designed for maximum profit and minimum size and weight which makes them a poor choice compared to a properly designed DIY antenna. One can easily make a 4 bay bowtie that will out perform the best UHF antennas on the market for under $10 And by using quad elements...
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    Balun Info?

    I simply coat the PCB with Loctite non corrosive RTV.
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    Pre Amp Issue/Suggestions

    I never recommend the 7777 or any preamp with more than 20 db gain since they are very easily overloaded by nearby tv and FM stations, LTE, or police, fire, paging, and ham transmiitters. The Winegard has the best immunity from overload but lacks a LTE filter so you would need to add a channel...
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    Interesting short video on the repack in Utah

    Thanks I totally missed it on my 4 inch phone screen i was expecting to see a large slick stick.
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    Use of Analog Ch. 6 For FM radio

    It's sad that most antenna forums tend to be dominated by a handful of self proclaimed experts that tend to perpetuate their myths, and misinformation as fact. But if we allowed only REAL technicians and engineers, the forums would be empty. I apologize for your experience on that forum. Since...
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    Comcast Economy [Favorite Channel List or Simplifying the Guide?]

    With comcast's lowest speed internet package you can simply use a $29 dollar Roku and get thousands of movies and channels for free in HD.
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    Interesting short video on the repack in Utah

    Looks like they used a microwave and two way radio site as their video prop. I saw nothing that looked like a broadcast tv antenna on either tower. Nothing but station masters and exposed dipoles for radio communications.
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    How far away can you get channels nowdays with an antenna?

    Actually, hundreds of DXers have documented picking up both UHF and VHF tv stations from thousands of miles away under ideal band conditions but typical range is much shorter. It all depends on the elevation of the TV towers, your elevation, obstructions, and what antenna system you have. UHF...
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    Does my antenna require grounding?

    LOL! So i take it you too have a problem with the current NEC code?
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    HDB91X Antenna

    The Antennas Direct DB4e is the strongest built i have tried so i try and use them whenever possible. The 4221 has similar performance just not built quite as strong but they are a fine antenna.
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    LTE filters and the current repack

    Currently the Channel Master is still the only one to buy. After the repack is concluded in 2020 someone will need to bring a new low pass filter to market. The 600Mhz low pass filter is not a solution for most areas since it will begin to reduce signals in the upper UHF tv band which may cause...
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    VHF Lo Reception on VHF-Hi/UHF Designed Antennas

    There are no short cuts or free lunch when it comes to antennas. The elements MUST be long enough to be a resonant length at the frequency needed. This means you need a 9 foot wide dipole to get channel 2 or a 6 foot wide one to get channel 6. A folded dipole will allow these lengths to shrink a...
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    Roof-mounted antennas and lightening strikes

    ALL antennas MUST as a MINIMUM be grounded according to NEC code. There are many myths, hoaxes, and wives tales regarding lightning in the ham radio community as well as the public. The FACT is lightning CAN and WILL strike anything in order to complete the connection to earth. Using the largest...