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    New DISHANYWHERE Player Discussion

    My channel list finally corrected itself. The San Francisco channel list is gone and the correct listings for the Fargo/West Fargo ND stations list is now correct. Just needed to be a bit patient it seems. Larry
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    Dish Anywhere shows stations in San Francisco

    I am located in the Fargo/West Fargo North Dakota area. I've tried deleting the program and reinstalling numerous times on my Windows 10 PC to no avail. It was working until several weeks ago. My DVR is a VIP612 which is linked to my Windows 10 Pro computer by a data cable. Larry
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    New DISHANYWHERE Player Discussion

    My Dish Anywhere doesn't work on Chrome also!
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    Celebrating 15 Years!

    This is one of the most helpful sites I'm a member of and a Very Happy Birthday to all who have contributed.
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    Dish Anywhere on PC - Can't log in

    Just some info. My Dish Anywhere and ability to finally log into MY Account finally works this morning and I do use Google Chrome all the time. Mostly because ad blocker works better on Chrome. Now if I can get Dishes billing straightened out I'll be good. If not I'm bailing to MidCo our local...
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    Not recording two shows at same time on 612

    Both of our VIP612's will record two programs at the same time with start/end times identical. You have to watch a previously recorded show when this happens.
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    Dish channel move suggestions

    That feature is still available and works very well.
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    Audio switching between English and Spanish for NFL games

    I had this happen once a week ago but it hasn't happened again. I just switched to the NFL Network that happened to be carrying the same game.
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    VIP Receiver Retirement

    Dozens of times. Now today I'm finally getting somewhere with it showing in my PC's Dish Anywhere Guide and it appears to be working. This PC is an upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 and that didn't help. Thanks to all who offered suggestions. Larry
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    VIP Receiver Retirement

    I have been able to get my favorites channel guide on my computer and could set recordings from the PC. I can not watch channels on my pc. Larry
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    VIP Receiver Retirement

    My VIP 612 DVR failed last week and it was replaced with a refurb. Still trying to get my Dish Anywhere to work. Larry. PS: It's been chewing on the transfer to my PC for four hours?
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    MAV TV

    One auto racing channel not on Comcast 6 years ago is what brought me to Dish! Larry
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    Another potential blackout... Gray communications

    I will be losing both CBS and NBC if this isn't settled. The hostage threat thing doesn't set well with me. I'll live without these locals until a reasonable settlement happens no matter how long it takes.
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    someone needs to kick the uplink machine again

    Sioux City is in South Dakota:biggrin
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    DishAnywhere add-on keeps crashing my Windows PC.

    My Windows 7 computer doesn't have a problem with that but my other desk top converted from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro does the same thing with a number of software programs. If I leave it sit for a while it reboots itself after five minutes or so.
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    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    I did also from 1962 to 1998 left after I retired from Litton Data Systems
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    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    My wife and I lived in Reseda (right next to Northridge) in 69 and I was 29. I know the paramedics were kept busy when that went on and LAPD helicopters were all over the night sky. I was long past that stuff.
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    OTA/Broadband Cable Diplex Question

    If the existing co-ax is a straight run use it and pull two new ones in using the original as the pull wire. You were faster than I was Bob!
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    Nielsen Secures Long-Term Agreement for Dish Set-Top-Box Data

    Thanks I was curious whether they would notice