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  1. localclassictvfan


    Cozi moved to 6.3 and Decades to 6.5 on Orlando TV 9
  2. localclassictvfan


    DABL replacing Court TV replacing ThisTV in what will be former Tribune Media Stations
  3. localclassictvfan

    Farthest tv station you have received?

    San Antonio from where I live in South La.
  4. localclassictvfan

    WDAF being acquired by Nexstar

    My opinion I wish Scripps would have launched Escape, Cozi, or Bounce on KATC 3.4 instead of Court. Not trying to offend anyone....
  5. localclassictvfan

    WDAF being acquired by Nexstar

    It supposed to replace This on WDAF in November. That was announced when Court was launched on it's new Scripps stations like KATC.:computerwindow
  6. localclassictvfan

    WDAF being acquired by Nexstar

    Yes Sir. Your Channel 50 is included, however a few stations will be sold to EW Scripps like WSFL and Pix 11 New York after the Tribune and Nexstar deal is complete. I read that after our local ABC affiliate was sold to Scripps. :)
  7. localclassictvfan

    Fox O&O Stations to Add Decades

    Most Markets with Hearst Stations have Decades and H&I on other stations. Well maybe except for Kansas City.
  8. localclassictvfan

    OTA networks that stream

    Light TV and Buzzr can be streamed by their websites. Court TV also
  9. localclassictvfan

    CBS To Launch DABL Lifestyle Network

    WLFT in Baton Rouge dropped GetTV for this.
  10. localclassictvfan

    CBS To Launch DABL Lifestyle Network

    A Bahakel owned station also is launching it on the inaugural date
  11. localclassictvfan

    Repack Dates For Washington DC Market

    Your market on rabbit ears should have an expiration date by the digital channel the station is supposed to move to under its physical channel number.
  12. localclassictvfan

    WDAF being acquired by Nexstar

    Yes....when Nexstar bought Media General we received 3 subnets within a year's time frame (on KLFY in Lafayette, La)....Get/Ion/Laff....Get was launched before the buyout and Laff was launched after the buyout. I can see Nexstar dropping TBD and replacing it with GetTV, Court TV, or Quest. As...
  13. localclassictvfan

    WDAF being acquired by Nexstar

    Those subnets were launched on KRBK prior to the Nexstar acquisition of the station.....
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    How you catch a Chicago station all the way in Overland Park Kansas....
  15. localclassictvfan

    Scripps buys CBS stations in Western Montana

    Scripps bought all of Cordillera's 15 for more programming well it'll be hard with a 1080/720/480/480 lineup already but hey if they add a dt5 that's good....
  16. localclassictvfan

    Court TV Making a Return

    One week after the Cordillera/Scripps sale was approved Court TV launched on KATC-TV 3.4 Court TV is the FIRST OTA network to launch in the Lafayette La market on its initial debut..... Personally I was hoping for Escape/Cozi TV to appear on KATC 3.4 but that's fine KATC is 720p station so...
  17. localclassictvfan

    Court TV Making a Return

    You can now go on court TV website and put in your zip and it shows which stations in your state that will get the channel when it launches. Several new stations were added like Tegna, Nexstar and Tribune and some market with two of the same Katz networks like WGNO will get court and lose...
  18. localclassictvfan

    Charge! Added to WSBK Boston

    Charge! Will not launch on WADF when Nexstar takes over that Station from Tribune.