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    Fire stick dish anywhere

    i just got an Amazon fire stick. Have a hopper with sling. I am in a hotel. My home upload speed is 12 MB. The download speed at the hotel is 15 MB. When watching Netflix or Amazon prime video I get no buffering. When watching dish anywhere I get buffering all the time. Any suggestions on how...
  2. J

    Add for Pubmembers

    Scott, There seems to be an add that is displaying by mistake to pub members. Can you take a look?
  3. J

    Tapatalk problems

    Anyone having problems with Tapatalk? If a topic has let's say 30 posts, the first page loads 25 posts. The second page starts at post 21 like it should. So I am rereading 5 posts. I have it set in my settings to load 20 posts at a time. Other forums that I follow in tapatalk work correctly...
  4. J

    RV Dish

    I have a 211K that I use for my RV. Currently we have a SD TV, so I am still using a Dish 500 on a tripod to receive 110 and 119. I think I read somewhere that I could point the 500 to eastern arc. If I want to point to 61.5 and 72.7, how do I figure out the skew, azimuth, and elevation for...
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    Restore all skipped events

    With my 722, I could have a timer setup for an OTA channel and have a backup from a satellite channel. I would set up both timers. One of them would be skipped because it was set to record. I could restore the skipped timer and it asked to restore only once or restore all duplicates. I would...