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  1. Johnnybeach

    Upgrade from H10 for OTA?

    I have two H10's and I'm have difficulty with the EPG in that they aren't able to pick up the newer digital forms of broadcast. They will have dual listings. One will give the programming but not the program itself while the second will only say "Regular Schedule" and show the program. Is...
  2. Johnnybeach

    Off-Air TV Guide

    Hi again. This time I have one of two H10 receivers that do not retain the program guide for the off air TV channels. This last time I went a week before I get "Regular Schedule". I sometimes am able to just push the reset button and it will show the programs. Then, other times, I must do an...
  3. Johnnybeach

    Satellite Transponders N/A

    I am using my Directv oval dish with 3 LNBs only to get the off air TV guide and local TV programs and I have two H10 receivers and a separate cable to each and all of a sudden I get a page that says "Acquiring info from Satellite" and when I go through the set up again the transponders all say...