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    AT&T declares end of satellite TV

    They stated they launched their last satellite and that they are moving more to IP delivery. Here is the article: It’s the beginning of the end of satellite TV in the US The end may be in sight, but I think most of will be gone before it gets here,
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    Fate of C Band

    I found this linked to on another site and went and read it. Sounds like some folks have already made up their minds and are just going through the motions. Let's hope I am just a bit paranoid. FCC chairman ready to put 3.7-4.2 GHz on July agenda | FierceWireless
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    Titanium C1-PLL Phase Lock Loop C-Band LNBF

    I have question that I am sure someone here can answer. The WiMax filter has only been in the Titanium C1-PLL LNBF over the last year or so, is that correct? If it is correct, is there an easy way to tell if one has the filter? I have one as a back up that I have had for a couple of years and...
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    CBS and 4.2.2

    I have a question for those that are currently able to view and enjoy the CBS feeds. Would you mind sharing your hardware specs? For instance processor speed, how many cores, how much memory, etc. I ask, because I have been trying to get VLC to play it via the output of a dsr-6000 and not...
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    Weather Prognasticators

    Well, they've done it again. The forecast was for snow accumulation of less than one-half inch for last night. Just came back in from walking through three (3) inches of the stuff to get to the antennas to broom off the snow. The joys of spring time in the Rockies. Everyone have a good...
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 - Last versions of Software that work with Android 4.2.2

    Since the world marches onward, chasing after the elusive latest and greatest things, I thought it might be of value to someone besides me to have a list of last versions of some of the software available for Android 4.2.2 that one might want on their A3. What I put here is by no means all, it...
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    Removing Ice on Actuator

    Just used this method this morning and it worked great. My hand got little cold though. Make a mixture of 1/3 water and 2/3 rubbing alcohol. You can put in a spray bottle or do like I did, just mix a small batch and take it in a jar out to the dish. The spray bottle method, lets you keep a...
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    Satellite Finder for Android

    I have tried this, so can't say one way or another. Stumbled upon it looking for something else. Price is right, especially if it doesn't measure up. SatFinderAndroid
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    OTHER 4.2.2 Receiver??

    Does anyone have one of these: ZGemma H7 UHD I see in the specs this: 4.2.2 / MPEG 4 / H.265 processing My question is, does it truly do the new CBS Format? Don't really want to be the guinea pig on this, so thought I would ask. Thanks, in advance.
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    Is it just me?

    Need to check to be sure that it is just me. KRBK is pixalating and the Q is jumping around about 5 points. It makes it just about unwatchable. This is the ONLY frequency doing this on 99W. Have tried those close to same frequency on 97W and 101W and don't see it there. I have had this now...
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    That Time of Year Again

    Just a quick reminder, that we are fast approaching that semi-annual event of sun outage. In fact some members may already be experiencing it. With a prime focus dish it is quite easy to verify, as the shadow of the LNB(F) assembly will be hitting the center of the dish when it is happening...
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    18% of Global TV homes get FTA

    Found this out on the net. According to the article, those of us in North America are a truly elite group. They say it is almost non-existent in North America. Just thought it might be of interest, so here is the link: 18% of global TV homes receive FTA satellite |
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    Looking for thoughts.

    I have a good friend that is making noises about possibly getting into this hobby. He isn't the most tech savy kind of guy and I will end up being the SUPPORT person, which I don't object to since is a very good friend. I like my Amiko A3 and SAB AndroidHD receivers, but they are not what I...
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    Summer MeTV Schedule

    Here you go:
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    VBox eeprom

    I can't take any credit for this, just found a post about it on another site. Thought it might be of interest to some of the folks around here. The link provides information on cloning the eeprom in V Box positioner:
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    Old Browser

    Just a note to make aware of this. Running old browser (Firefox 17) with noscript installed. Have to allow SatelliteGuys to run Java in order to log in. The new software does not even offer a place to click to log in or register with noscript blocking java code. Don't know if it has anything...
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    LNBF Skew

    I don't know if anything like this has been posted before or not. If it has sorry for the repeat. At least on the Titanium C1-PLL, there is a detent marking the center below the degree stamp marks for setting skew. I have always just squinted and whatever else I needed to do, to get close on...
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    Question for the Mini-Budders.

    Just curious if anyone using a mini-bud is or has gotten much off of 83W? With my recent experience of incorrect focal length for the antenna, I was somewhat mini-budding with a 10 footer. 83W was one I was able to get during the mess and it got me to wondering. Thanks.
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    Free 8 footer

    I just took down my 8 footer (actually 7.5 foot aperture) and will be willing to give it to someone that will use it for its designed purpose. It is in Gillette, Wyoming and you will have to pick it up. I did number it so it can go back up easily in the same shape it was in.
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    Dish Specs, Trust But Verify!

    Purchased a new 10 footer from Tek2000 to replace my 8 footer. The weather improved to a point that I decided to go ahead and do the install. The install went as expected, up until the point and aim portion. My due south is 105W and only has S2 signals. Couldn't raise a thing, moved to...