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  1. olliec420

    Dish 500 linear mod for 103 - How do y'all like today's handwork?

    While posting this I saw a link to Iceberg's post where he added a linear LNB to a 500 in the 00s... I noticed he is skewing the dishing instead of the LNB as I did. I wonder if that would bring a stronger signal?
  2. olliec420

    Dish 500 linear mod for 103 - How do y'all like today's handwork?

    The old Dish 500 has been on the house for a lot of years with no action, pulled it down and decided I want it to earn its keep today. Did some rough measurements and estimates and got it hooked up. Not too bad if you ask me! I need to go to the store and get a proper nut and bolt for it...
  3. olliec420

    What comes first, DiSEqC or 22khz switch?

    Gotcha. Will give it a go! Thanks.
  4. olliec420

    What comes first, DiSEqC or 22khz switch?

    I searched and found several reults, some conflicting and all the posts were quite old. So let me ask again, what comes first? Rec ==> 22khz ==> DiSEqC ==> lnb Rec ==> DiSEqC ==> 22khz ==> lnb
  5. olliec420

    Ran out of space in main circuit breaker panel, what to do?

    Bed lights? Getting a lil freaky over there?
  6. olliec420

    Little ugly dish

    Hey CN, Where did you get that mount and what did it cost you? (on the 120, that is)
  7. olliec420

    97W - can’t get good signal quality

    Damn, I thought for sure it'd be that. Good luck!
  8. olliec420

    97W - can’t get good signal quality

    I KNOW WHY, I KNOW WHY!!!! Dish is warped. Happened to me. Couldn't figure out for the life of me why my signals always sucked. Put me off the hobby for a while. The fine folks here showed me the "shake it like a baby" video (I love it when he says that) and signal is booming! Had a bad...
  9. olliec420

    One big reason why 5G will be DOA

    Yes! I was so sad when apple took away the ability to see the numerical signal strength. I used to find the best signal in my hotel rooms and such to run the hotspot from.
  10. olliec420

    New Model Release: OS MIO+ 4K S2X + S2

    You may want to look at Low-cost software defined radio (RTL2832 SDR) community • r/RTLSDR and amateursatellites • r/amateursatellites if you have not yet.
  11. olliec420

    Miniatures / Models

    Well I guess I didn't look very hard! LOL It'd be nice if we could find/make some true to life models of popular brands like Birdview or something. I wonder if this would be a good time to get a 3d printer? :biggrin EDIT: Attached is a pic. A couple years back I rented a camera for low...
  12. olliec420

    Miniatures / Models

    I was at Epcot this weekend and riding Spaceship Earth (for the 5,000th time) and I saw something I hadn't noticed before. In the Steve Wozniak computer scene, there is a satellite dish (or radio telescope) model on the desk he is working at. I instantly thought to myself I have to have it and...
  13. olliec420

    So I bought a thing.

    Makes sense. What can I expect for $30? lol
  14. olliec420

    So I bought a thing.

    My v7 freezes 3/4 of the time I scan 91 as well. Is this normal?
  15. olliec420

    Has anyone made a mini-headend at home?

    Would ya shoot a photo of one over, front and back for grins?
  16. olliec420

    1.2 geosatpro mast size?

    Thanks for the info. Ive done this a few times. I just didn't want to do this because the pole was already there and it previously was home to a superdish. I cut it down a while back to mount a charcoal grill there but ended up buying a full size gas grill. Im going to give it a go and if...
  17. olliec420

    1.2 geosatpro mast size?

    One more question. So when I had the superdish on this pole it was taller. I cut it down and had a grill on top of it for a while. Attached is a picture of the height. Will this be tall enough for me to put the 1.2 on without it hitting the ground?
  18. olliec420

    New meters?

    It doesnt really have a "found" indicator or a decent tone like the BD. Its basically like dragging a tv and a receiver out to the dish like I used to do but this is in a hand held form factor. I set my target TP and keep watching for the signal bars to light up.. Its not perfect but its...
  19. olliec420

    New TV season to start

    I hope they don't mess with my 2 hours of Home Improvement nightly on LAFF!!!