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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    Did a reboot and it came on. It is much darker than the fox station.
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    I am getting a black screen on 540-01. The voice is fine .
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    Netflix Audio Lag . . .

    Never had the problem with Netflix. However, I have intermittent lost sound on Prime Video. The sound is fine via my LG app, but terrible on the Dish App.
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    Did Dish fix their OTA Dual Tuner overheating problems?

    Where did you buy the AirTV dual tuner adapter and 2nd Hopper3?
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    Marshall Broadcasting dispute

    My ABC channel is part of the dispute. So I took it off my primetime and started to record the 4 ABC shows I watch via my single OTA device. When I tried to record 2 shows that were back to back, I got a conflict error message. I selected resolve the conflict and it didn't. After head...
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    Too bad that Dish will miss the National Championship game in 4k. Are they negotiating with ESPN to get their 4k offerings?
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    I HATE Google Assistant

    Sorry I didn't remember that. Still it was way easier to use the 40 remote than the 54 remote when the internet went down and after it came back.
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    I HATE Google Assistant

    Yesterday my internet went down and I could not use the voice command to do anything. I got an error message saying an internet connection is needed. The voice command prior to going with Google worked without an internet connection. So I would have to relearn how to do things without the voice...
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    Amazon Prime Video Debuts on DISH Hopper 3

    I am having sound drops using the Amazon prime video. The CC is now needed to fill in the sound drops.
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    Amazon Prime Video Debuts on DISH Hopper 3

    Still no 301 in the guide
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    Why Dish should replace 4k Joeys with 2nd H3.

    The Amazon Prime App adds to the 4K Joey inadequacy. Now we cannot get the Amazon App, YouTube, PIP with its goodies, and HDR 4K. Either update the 4k Joey or go for the quicker solution of allowing 4K Joey users to lease a 2nd H3 to replace the 4K Joey.
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    Amazon Prime

    I have a Simolio hearing assist device connected to the H3 optical audio out. I can hear everything except the new Amazon Prime App. The Simolio requires a PCM audio setting. So I have had to shut the Dish Digital off in the Audio out settings. If I select Digital I hear nothing through the...
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    Amazon Prime

    I remember when we got Netflix. It took along time before it was available on the Joeys. I hope Dish/Amazon are working on getting the app on the Joeys. I hope it is not like Youtube.
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    Sinclair CEO warns Dish: Agree to deal or risk becoming irrelevant

    I have called my local college sports department and told them that all their supporters who have Dish are missing their games on the RSN's. I asked them when their contract is due for renewal to switch to a company that doesn't have disputes with TV carriers. They were sympathetic but said the...
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    fox sports dispute

    Not being a Directv customer I cannot answer your question . It was on an offer sent to me in the mail. I did not see a way to not take the Regional Sports Package.
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    fox sports dispute

    DTV charges $8.49 for their regional sports package above their package plan prices. I believe that is what Dish wants. That way the package prices don't go up when a new deal is negotiated for the regional sports elements. Only those who want the Regional Sports Package would have to pay the...
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    Amazon Prime listing in Dish guide?

    It took months to test Netflix on the Hopper and even more months to get it on the Joeys. Netflix was the tester. It seems their SW folks are as bad as Dish's. Let's hope the the Amazon SW folks can get it done quicker and better. They have Billions in excess profits to spread around.
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    The 4K Joey needs to be replaced. It cannot do 4K HDR. It cannot do PIP and as a result Multiview. The simplest solution is to replace them with H3s. Why Dish refuses to be proactive with multiple H3s is a mystery. With all the loss of subscribers there must be extra H3s available.
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    Hopper 3 what else does this DVR need

    1. A built in OTA tuner for the 4 primetime networks so we can get Primetime to work with the OTA antenna and save the $12 and the carriage disputes. 2. A selectable Primetime for non network channels . Could work like multichannel with auto recording. 3. Multilevel file management for internal...