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    CONTEST!! Titanium ASC1 Appreciation Give-A-Way

    Thanks Brian for your continued support of the FTA hobby,
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    Carnival Row - Amazon Prime

    I suffered through episode one, managed to make it halfway through episode two. That's all I could take.
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    Google in discussions with Dish to launch new wireless giant

    The people in Denver do think that they are the state.
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    AT&T Just Donated $500,000 to Locast

    Check out "rabbitears cortez, co." google search
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    winegard sk3500

    Nice side step.
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    winegard sk3500

    He said that he replaced the arm when he got home.
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    Economical OTA Recording Equipment?

    I see two links, one for Tablo QUAD Over-The-Air DVR, and one for Amazon Mediasonic Homeworx. Using Chrome on Windows 10 pro.
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    The Orville on Fox

    Then don't watch it. :-)
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    With a Hopper 3, do I have to have a Joey for every TV??

    Way back when, I think it might have been a 721-722? used a powered hdmi 4 port splitter and a couple of good quality 50 foot and a 25 foot hdmi cables. Worked well, but the cables were a bitch to run. Was used for 1080 p if I remember correctly. Went hopper - joey after that and don't know...
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    Roof-mounted antennas and lightening strikes

    Since you are an expert I will leave that up to you, I just wanted for you to have accurate and up to date information rather than hearsay. You might try a library.
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    Roof-mounted antennas and lightening strikes

    It's fairly short, why don't you read it, it does have a section on antennas and masts. But you already know everything so why bother.
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    Roof-mounted antennas and lightening strikes

    As usual, if the ref does not reflect your view it is of no use.
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    Roof-mounted antennas and lightening strikes

    NFPA 780 Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems. If you wish to know as much as you think you do.
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    The Orville on Fox

    Borrow a sense of humor from someone and try looking at it again.
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    Need suggestion for Slimline mounting pole

    Pipe size is ID, tubing size is OD. Look for 2" tubing on google.
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    C Band Dish Registration

    Wayne, thank you for your efforts. Bruce
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    1.2m (4ft) dish for $148 shipped

    0.4mm = .0157" or slightly thicker than tin foil.
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    Was only going to watch 1 episode a night. 10 hours later was done watching.
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    Wally Dual OTA Dongle

    Used to use 2 fingers to check for dead cylinder on race care engines by touching the exhaust headers where they came out of the cylinder head. Didn't touch for very long!