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  1. jerryez

    Downgrading to Welcome Pack?

    I had the movie pack with my Welcome pack until I canceled the movie pack, when I switched to Prime movies.
  2. jerryez

    Switching to Hopper 3?

    The hybrid pro lnb for Western arc has been discontinued. What replaces it. Also, it says I need a 1000.2 Dish. How do I tell what number my Dish is?
  3. jerryez

    Switching to Hopper 3?

    I only have one HDTV, no joeys. My Dish is on the roof. I guess that the lnb will probably need changing also. I do not know what type it is, but it works with my HWS.
  4. jerryez

    Hopper 3 just died

    You have to keep the service contract 6 months or pay for the tech visit.
  5. jerryez

    Switching to Hopper 3?

    I have a Hopper w/sling and I am considering switching to the Hopper 3. I currently have a solo node 185834. Will it work with the Hopper 3 or do I need a different solo node and if so which one?
  6. jerryez

    I cut the cord -- Dish remotes free to good home

    Yessh!. YOu can't even give the damn things away. I am like you. I have two 40 and a new voice remote, but use the Harmony 650, instead of the 7 or 8 other various remotes. LG tv, Tivo, dvd, blu ray, avr, and two other boxes.
  7. jerryez

    will the free snap ever be available to customers

    $10 for a Snap or $263 for a Hopper 3.
  8. jerryez

    Help for the uneducated!!

    $150 to lease a Hopper 3, $100 for tech roll, and $13 tax in my state for a total of $263.
  9. jerryez

    Sinclair CEO warns Dish: Agree to deal or risk becoming irrelevant

    I notice that more and more sports are going to Sports channels, whereas they used to be on OTA networks. Even most of the bowl games are on sports channels now.
  10. jerryez

    HD feeds being added to Welcome Pack!

    I would not call that a deep discount, but maybe a deep screw. Dish has phased out so many packages over the years and every time we the customer got screwed. MY image imoji has been blindfolded, so I can't see how deep they are screwing me.
  11. jerryez

    HDMI output on Onkyo TX NR676 not working.

    I ended up buying all new HDMI cables ratest at18 gbps Some of mine were 18 gbps and some were not. Onkyo said that was my problem and it fixed my issue. You do not need expensive cables, just 18 gbps rated cables.
  12. jerryez

    2020 Dish Price Increases Announced

    Well, there goes my Social Security pay raise. I am at the Welcome Pack now. Can't go any lower and not drop Dish.
  13. jerryez

    HD feeds being added to Welcome Pack!

    Dish has removed the Welcome Pack from the compare packages list now. Scott, have you heard anything about when those of us grandfathered in would be terminated and forced into another package, like we were with several other packages in the past.
  14. jerryez

    Locals Protest the 5G Towers That Promise a High-Tech Future

    i do not use text messaging, but get texts daily from doctor's appt reminders, politicians seeking money and Verizon reminding me twice that my monthly bill is due and I am on autopay. And I do not even want to get into Social Security scams, telling me that I am going to jail. Do people really...
  15. jerryez

    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    With so many other choices available, who even cares about HBO. With Prime and Netflix, I cannot watch all the programs that I want to watch now.
  16. jerryez

    NFL Thursday Night Football in 4k looks bland

    Amazon Prime offers Thursday nite NFL football. Is it in 4k or has anyone tried it.
  17. jerryez

    Locals Protest the 5G Towers That Promise a High-Tech Future

    Have a land line installed and get rid of your cell phone and you will be as close to the 80's as you can get.
  18. jerryez

    I like my Hopper, BUT

    I did not remember making any of these posts, but as I read, I saw posts by Hall and realized this was a real old thread. I guess that I have had my Hopper since March 2014.
  19. jerryez

    Directv might drop the NFL Sunday Ticket

    Doesn't DTV give NFL ticket to new subscribers for FREE. With all the floater out there, I can see how they could lose money if that is what they are doing. How many people switch back and forth after their contract expires?
  20. jerryez

    DISH, DirecTV to merge?

    Dish should NOT buy DTV. If ATT is dumping it. Dish can just pickup most of the subscribers for Free, by just waiting it out. A lot cheaper than buying DTV. A lot of the DTV subscribers would prefer Dish over there local cable provider, since most of them suck. Also, it would take several years...