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  1. Lone Gunman

    Nascar 2020

    My money would be on him RETIRING FROM RACING! I read an article on him yesterday where when he started racing at around 20 years old his plan was to race until he was 40 then retire. He's now 42 and he and his wife of 16 years just separated a week or so ago. I'm looking at this as his...
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    IT SUCKS!! [rolleyes]
  3. Lone Gunman

    Ran out of space in main circuit breaker panel, what to do?

    Just a thought here. You might want to check with (a) LOCAL BUILDING CODE and (b) YOUR HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE before you go doing this yourself, unless you are a certified/licensed ELECTRICIAN. Just saying......................
  4. Lone Gunman

    Balun Info?

    UPDATE: Well, after reworking the original balun and reinstalling it on the antenna I could only depend on getting about 11 channels regularly. So last weekend I finally "bit the bullet" and changed out the coax and during that process I found out that the roofing ppl that replaced my roof 2...
  5. Lone Gunman

    LTE filters and the current repack

    Yup, don't know if I actually need one of these filters, but, I've got several cell towers within a mile and a half of where I live so what the heck!! That and I've pissed away way more than $20 on other stuff I've purchased before. ;-) And I'm still having problems receiving "several"...
  6. Lone Gunman

    Circle TV Network

    Circle TV showed up here yesterday on WDBJ TV channel 7.2 out of Roanoke, Va. I didn't even have to scan to get it. Turned the TV on yesterday and went through channels and it was already there?? I'm not into "Grit" music stuff so there probably won't be much on there that I'll watch. Good...
  7. Lone Gunman

    Economical OTA Recording Equipment?

    Say, any of you guys ever try to join the Mediasonic HOMEWORX support forum? I went there the other day and tried to register, but, the captcha question they are using sux and after 4 or 5 attempts to answer it they shut me out?? WTF??? So I emailed them, got a smart ass answer from...
  8. Lone Gunman

    Economical OTA Recording Equipment?

    UPDATE: Well, after the repack cluster F things are getting to be somewhat "normal" where OTA TV channels are concerned. The only one that's missing now that I need to have is CBS WDBJ out of Roanoke, Va and after trading Emails with them I expect to see those channels available in the not too...
  9. Lone Gunman

    Openbox Daily Timed Recording Problem With Openbox S9?

    With one of my last two Micro HD receivers starting to screw up I brought out my old Openbox S9s a couple of weeks ago to do daily recording. They work kinda OK with one exception. When I set the “Daily” timed recording for the Decades channel on 101w they will record the next morning at 8am...
  10. Lone Gunman

    The Blacklist

    Funny, the Wife and I have watched and I recorded all 137 episode of the Blacklist and never knew this thread was in here? Humm? Guess I'll have to do some reading, hey!!
  11. Lone Gunman

    Any info on SAMI 8ft Mesh Dish?

    Had one of those a few years back and it was, well, AN EIGHT FOOTER! Meaning that it's just not big enough and I replaced it with a Unimesh 10 footer. Sold that SAMI to a guy in Charlottesville, Va for cheap that included a receiver and never heard anything from him again?? But, when you're...
  12. Lone Gunman

    Balun Info?

    Well, on a low tropho ducting day today it looks like 3 channels on WZBJ 24 have finally come up to full power as I scanned that one in today. In the process though WFXR 27 was "come and go", ie, this morning only got a pixelating channel 27.4 but this afternoon all 4 channels scanned in...
  13. Lone Gunman

    Openbox Openbox S9 User Manual?

    UPDATE: No "prev" or "next" buttons on this remote? And the right and left arrow keys on each side of the "OK" button raise and lower volume. The >>/<< keys are both for fast forward and pressing them more than once raises the jump. I've also tried it with "Time Shift"...
  14. Lone Gunman

    Openbox Openbox S9 User Manual?

    Well, I've pushed every damn button on that thing and haven't noticed that happening. I'll look at it again in the morning and see if those keys work or not and let you know. Thanks Magic!
  15. Lone Gunman

    Openbox Openbox S9 User Manual?

    Well, there must have been two different remotes used on these S9 boxes because the one I have doesn't look anything like the one in the pictures in this manual?? In fact, it appears to be the exact same picture as what is shown in the Skybox manual?? This link is a picture of what I have...
  16. Lone Gunman

    Openbox Openbox S9 User Manual?

    Hey thanks a bunch!! I just knew someone on here had to have one. KE4EST should copy it over into the manuals section because there's none there.
  17. Lone Gunman

    Balun Info?

    RE: "Replumb".................THAT is what I'm trying to avoid cuz it's a pain in the arse any way you go about it. Like I said, if/when WDBJ/WZBJ come back I'll see how it works. IIRC, the broadcast antennas for the furthermost stations I'm getting now are about of 65 miles or so from me...
  18. Lone Gunman

    Balun Info?

    Yeah Trip, I scan every day to see if they are back and about 2 weeks ago I found a phone number for them online and called. What I got was an automated reply explaining that they were in the process of installing a new antenna?? I thought someone else was doing that and hadn't freed up 19 for...
  19. Lone Gunman

    Openbox Openbox S9 User Manual?

    Looking for an Openbox S9 user manual. I've got two of those and both boxes are behind me on the shelf but so help me I can't find either of those manuals here in my shop??? I know I had them at one time cuz I'm a pack rat and never EVER throw anything away but so help me I can't find either...
  20. Lone Gunman

    Balun Info?

    OK, thanks navychop! I guess that "splains" why there weren't any replies to that part of my post. The coax I used is solid copper core RG6 and I've put new connectors on the outside end several times so I could see what it looked like under the outer jacket but didn't see anything that...