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  1. timbuckone

    Go back to dish or just stream TV service?

    Hard to decide if I want to go back to a hopper 3 and the flex plan or sign up with DirecTV now stream service. Sent from my Pixel using the SatelliteGuys app!
  2. timbuckone

    True bundle cost

    I am seeing a promo of att internet plus direct TV for $80/month. However what will be the true bill? Anybody get this offer? Sent from my Pixel using the SatelliteGuys app!
  3. timbuckone

    so the $49.95 promo is actually how much?me the most

    Considering going back to dish after being gone for the past couple years. Been doing the ota antenna thing along with sling tv. I keep seeing the $49.95 deal. What is actually gonna be the bill per month for 2 tvs? Fees are what frustrate me the most with cable or satellite service. Will the...
  4. timbuckone

    Charter spectrum on roku

    Bravo charter!!!!!! Very pleased you can now watch charter spectrum on and roku device. Good bye cable box fees!!
  5. timbuckone

    tried charters boxes

    So i have had charter now for about 3 weeks after coming back from being a chord cutter. I have had a history of having direct tv, dish network, and tivo ota. These charter boxes are such old technology. They dont interact, I have problems scheduling recordings, The gude is very hard to read...
  6. timbuckone

    Something new?

    Is charter coming out with something new before the end of the year? I just had my install done and the tech was talking about a cloud dvr service that's coming real soon
  7. timbuckone

    Eastern arc dish problem

    I had a eatern arc dish installed a little over 2 months ago. I have recently lost the signal from the 61.5 satelite. i do still have a signal of 55-60 for satelites 72 and 77. However the 61.5 has a spotmeam signal of around 50 and the other transponders only show a range of 5 to 20. I had a...
  8. timbuckone

    road warrior on retroplex hd looks pretty darn good!

    I am noticing that the hd channels coming from the 72 bird look very good. I think alot better than the hd on 61.5. This is the clearest that I have ever watched the road warrior in hd that is playing on retroplex hd.
  9. timbuckone

    new 24 month term to get EA?

    I had my EA installed yesterday. I was told that for $15 a installer would come out and upgrade my dish to the EA. I checked my account this morning and I had a $99.95 charge for the dish. I contacted dish, and in order to waive the $99.95 charge I had to agree to a new 24 month term. Did this...
  10. timbuckone

    Planet Green and Diy in Dish 100 package?

    I have the dish 100 package and I see I now have the DIY channel(channel 111) and the Planet Green channel(channel 194) Planet green is also a HD channel. Is this new news or old news?
  11. timbuckone

    I am being told to have att dish network i need to keep a phone line

    my goal is to cancel my home phone service and have att dish network and naked dsl service. I currently have all 3. First i cannot get ahold of anyone at att. every.time i am put on hold for 1.5-2 hrs(thank goodness for speakerphone). I have been doing online chat with customer reps in the...
  12. timbuckone

    wbay green bay dropped from dish network

    The DISH Network is no longer carrying WBAY-TV 2's signal. Despite an extension Thursday, an agreement on a new contract could not be reached. We will continue to make every reasonable effort to reach an agreement. WBAY-TV 2 will keep you updated. Dear DISH Subscriber: DISH's contract with...
  13. timbuckone

    I am 50-70 miles from the nearest ota antenna what is a good antenna to install?

    I am about 50-70 miles from the nearest ota antenna. I am starting to look at some uhf antennas. I was wondering what is a good antenna to put up to receive long distance signals. Does anyone have firsthand experience with certain antennas. I do not want to buy something and find out I do not...
  14. timbuckone

    Mad Max In High Definition----awesome!!!!

    I had Voom installed last friday 3-25 and was scanning channels on sat. and found the movie MAD MAX in High Definition. I could not believe how this movie looked on my 57" toshiba. It was like it was brought back to how it was originally suppose to be seen. I think I am having an affair with...
  15. timbuckone

    Getting rid of dish network

    I have finally decided to get rid of dish network. The reason is their picture quality is getting worse and I am tired of scanning so many channels that I have no interest in and their idea of adding new channels is adding bingo tv , a polish channel, german channels and others that very few...
  16. timbuckone

    Voom installed yesterday---Fell in love with it today!!!

    I had Voom installed yesterday and started watching it closer today. I have to say the picture quality that is coming out of my 57" toshiba is utterly amazing. It makes Dish networks hdtv look like prehistoric ages. I hope Voom stays around or I think I will go into a slight depression.
  17. timbuckone

    Voom scheduled to be installed today

    Well my install date has arrived and I hope I will be Voomin by noon. I just hope all goes well.
  18. timbuckone

    I think Voom is in a great position to grow fast

    Heres a thought I just had. I currently receive dish network and purchased a hdtv set. I then upgraded to the hdtv package and now can't stand what little channels dish is offering in hdtv. So now Voom looks very attractive to me. I am scheduled to get installed on 3-25. Voom has to do a more...
  19. timbuckone

    Is a installer suppose to call me after I order Voom?

    I ordered Voom a week ago and have a install date of 3-25. I read in a email from Voom that Voom will be calling within 48 hours for confirmation. Also that a installer will be calling for confirmation as soon as they receve your order. I have not heard a thing. Or will I be getting a call...
  20. timbuckone

    which direction does vooms dish point?

    I am scheduled to get a install of Voom on March 25th and was wondering what direction does Vooms dish point? I also have dish network and their dish points southwest here in Wisconsin. I have 3 trees due south of my house and am concerned about signal blockage. I do have a older 18" Direct tv...