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    Has the Search functionality changed on the Hopper 3?

    I've noticed that search functions have appeared to change on my H3. I'm a track coach and in the past I would just search for "Track and Field" and the hopper would pull up any programs with the words "Track and Field" in them. it would pull up my recordings as well as any programs coming on...
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    Is it possible to view any program on a Direct TV DVR for the past week?

    The reason I ask this question. I was in Sams Club in Chesterfield, MO. yesterday and I was told by the Direct TV rep that they now have the capabilities to go to anywhere on your guide up to a week in the past and you can play anything. He said that everything in the guide is stored in the...
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    Has anyones Auto Hop stopped on OTA recordings?

    Just recently, I noticed that the 3 programs that I record OTA stopped embedding the Auto Hop on the recordings. I record Blacklist on NBC and Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow on Fox. A couple of months ago Blacklist stopped embedding Autohop and now the Fox shows are doing the same thing...
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    Sorry to say I am leaving Dish after 11 years

    I'm sad to announce that I am leaving Dish after 11 years of service. I just could not take the equipment fees anymore. I loved every minute of my service except for the fees. Now that D* has the 5 tuner DVR it was just the push I needed to switch. I'm still leary about leaving a company...
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    Sling now available for Windows Phone 7

    Sling Media Announces Availability of SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Phone 7 - Business - Press Releases - I'd like to see how well this works. I have the 922 and plan on getting a Windows phone 7 in the near future.
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    Rplacement 622 has a smart card installed

    I was having a problem with my 622 Receiver and television that caused the television to turn on when the receiver went through the nightly update. I went through Dish support aand the CSR determined that I needed a new box and they sent me a new receiver. Before I received the new box I...