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  1. sdfntx

    Leon Russell dead at 74

    Yet another one gone . . . it's been a bad week for singer-songwriters. RIP
  2. sdfntx

    Can't "hop"

    I'm encountering this scenario more and more. Not always, but enough to be annoying. Apologies if it has been covered - I did search but didn't find anything. I have a HWS, SJ and 2 Joeys. Usually the attached TVs are all on and available for live viewing, often of the same channel, as I roam...
  3. sdfntx

    Wrong channel recorded

    I just saw a similar issue reported by ac1 on the error code 05 thread, but thought I'd start a new one. Twice now since replacing my original Hopper with a HWS a couple weeks ago, one channel is shown to be recording on the TV Activity screen, but another channel is actually getting recorded...
  4. sdfntx

    Request for input re hard drive replacement (lengthy)

    I'm hoping for help in coming up with a plan for replacing the primary hard drive on my desktop computer. I have the WD Black 1 TB replacement drive, but I'm going in circles about the best way to approach this replacement. What I'm working with: Dell Vostro 420, ~5yo, originally w/ Win...