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  1. joewhite57

    Showtime to rebrand multiplex as Sho*BET

    I remember when HBO was the only premium channel, one channel that played the same movie over and over.
  2. joewhite57

    Cancelled Dish

    What I get for leaving off a few words like of same model.
  3. joewhite57

    Cancelled Dish

    Worth something that have that equipment on current account that can be activated as a replacement.
  4. joewhite57

    Cancelled Dish

    That could happen.
  5. joewhite57

    Positive changes for Dish Anywhere (PC version)

    Two accumulativ windows updates this week . Working great!
  6. joewhite57

    Going from a 722K to a Hopper

    There’s a minimum size for EHD of 320GB on the H3.
  7. joewhite57

    Dish /T-Mobile

    Didgeridoo? Lol
  8. joewhite57

    Going from a 722K to a Hopper

    Would you rather there be a “dir” command list? MS-DOS style? Tiles may take more screen space but when you have hundreds of titles on a single EHD. Maybe 2 selections. Those with younger functional brains and one for old farts like me. Lol
  9. joewhite57

    Fox local channel no longer on Dish

    I just received an email from xfinity that the Super Bowl would be available on the xfinity stream app to comcast internet customers.
  10. joewhite57

    Has DISH Lost it ways?

  11. joewhite57

    Has DISH Lost it ways?

    Right! Had problems when we had ATT Arris modem reconnects on reboot. EHD’s about to expire. Switched to Linksys hardware after changing providers. No issues. Solid system.
  12. joewhite57

    Has DISH Lost it ways?

    I upgraded to an H3 about 3 years ago. What is the difference you’re referring to? I’ve had nearly none of the problems others have had through all the firmware updates.
  13. joewhite57

    Dish anywhere only showing OTA channels

    One stream per hopper, but I would think other services only limited by internet bandwidth.
  14. joewhite57

    "Unauthorized Access Attempts" to my Hopper 3

    I’ve seen hundreds of unauthorized access attempts on an Allen-Bradly paperless chart recorder at work. I’m sure it happens more often than we know about, but in my case hackers realize they’ve broken into a brainless port-a-potty. Although I work for an organization the employs the fastest...
  15. joewhite57

    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    Wow! Way better than the yulelog!
  16. joewhite57

    Comet Hd

    I’ve been streaming SG-1 in full screen HD with the H3 Amazon Prime app. Quality has been great.
  17. joewhite57

    Golden Globe awards

    Same here, but I loved the Ricky Gervais monologue on YouTube!
  18. joewhite57

    Price increase and cancellation of services for free.

    I even went back and re-read op in case I’d missed something. Nope. Buyers remorse but have a hard time they’re situation could be bad enough to complain about. Direct’s horrendous hardware, xfinity’s equipment charges, and AT&T, don’t get me started.
  19. joewhite57

    Price increase and cancellation of services for free.

    Somebody didn’t do they’re homework before signing the contract. If you’re locked in at a fixed rate for the contract period. Oops! And the grass always looks greener. Sure we could do streaming. In current location but wouldn’t have what we currently have through our H3.
  20. joewhite57

    Customer owned Joey

    In my case I would rather use a two year commitment for a preferred customer deal than for hardware.