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  1. fbara

    Dish and DirecTV Combine Addressable Ad Efforts for Political Campaigns

    From AdAge: Dish and DirecTV Combine Addressable Ad Efforts for Political Campaigns Satellite Giants Want Political Campaigns to Buy Addressable Ads Across Both By Jeanine Poggi Published on...
  2. fbara

    Prepare for another price increase thx to ESPN

    This 'record setting deal' will be paid for on the backs of cable and satellite viewers. I love sports but I'm not looking forward to this. —--------------------------------------------------------------- MLB, ESPN agree on record eight-year...
  3. fbara

    Logitech CEO: Google TV 'cost us dearly,' no Revue replacement coming "De Luca suggested that Google TV was far from ready at launch, going so far as to call it "beta" software on one presentation slide, and that the company made a massive misstep by...
  4. fbara

    DRA down today?

    I can't login to dish remote access from the iPhone app or from mobile safari, it just hangs. Is it just me? I'm trying to watch some football while I'm out.
  5. fbara

    No Cubs this weekend?

    I was looking thru the guide and can't find the Chicago Cubs games tonight. Any Chicago-area people know which channel Cubs will be on (if at all)?
  6. fbara

    Searching fro free VOD

    Hi guys, I just received an email from Dish promoting their VOD and PPV service for my 722. In the email it states "You can access many of your favorite shows when you want, on-demand. And some of it's free." Since my 722 has been had the latest software update, I can't search for movies based...
  7. fbara

    Receiving error 005 'Smart Card Auth' every few hours

    Guys, I thought I'd ask here for help prior to going thru E* famous tech support system. I have 2 ViP722's. Both have been updated to the latest L670 firmware (2 weeks ago for one receiver, 1 week ago for the other). On the receiver that was updated about a a week ago, I'm not receiving a...
  8. fbara

    Project Draco, any update

    We discussed this about a year ago ( and I was wondering if there's been any update? I've setup both XBMC and W7MC and would like to get my E* feeding into it. Thanks, frank
  9. fbara

    Consumers Dropping Pay TV Services

    Consumers Dropping Pay TV Services The number of subscribers to cable, satellite and telecom TV services in the U.S. fell for the first time ever in the second quarter, according to research firm SNL Kagan. The U.S. multichannel TV market lost 216,000 customers last quarter, vs. a gain of...
  10. fbara

    DishOnline out of beta this week?

    NY Times is reporting that DishOnline will be coming out of beta sometime this week: The New York Times > Log In The Dish Network this week will begin offering a video portal called, becoming the latest distributor to provide online benefits to paying subscribers. The...
  11. fbara

    Discovery Health not showing up

    Hi guys, I live in suburban Chicago and we normally watch channel 189, Discovery Health (Dr. G), in the evening. Today I get an error #004 and we can't view the channel. I don't believe this was part of a promo, so we shouldn't have lost it. We have AT200, HD Premium, and HD for Life...
  12. fbara

    Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth Tuesday Night - Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth Tonight Anyone know how this will affect us, if at all? Thanks.
  13. fbara

    Sony to launch new movie channel

    Sony Reportedly To Launch 2 Movie Channels Later This Year - Tech Trader Daily - Sony (SNE) plans to launch two new movie channels later this year, according to the Los Angeles Times, which cites “people familiar with the plans.” One of the channels, tentatively called Sony...
  14. fbara

    DirecTV Marketer Steals DISH Customers Via 800 Number Squatting

    From Consumerist today: A sneaky DirecTV marketer has bought up toll-free numbers that end in "DISH." When DISH Network customers call up, the operators make it sound like they're from Dish and offering them a free service upgrade, but in reality, they're switching the service and slamming...
  15. fbara

    Cubs game looks choppy

    I'm watching the Cubs game on CSN (channel 429) and it looks very choppy. Other channels look ok. Is anyone else seeing this? I'm wondering if it's just my 722 or the CSN/WGN feed. Thanks.
  16. fbara

    Chicago viewers w/o VS, how are you watching the Hawks game?

    I'm in the Chicago RSN and I don't have Versus, so I guess that means I'm out of luck if I want to watch the Blackhawks on Friday night (they'll be on NBC Sunday). For those of you in the same boat as I am, how are you going to get your Hawks fix for Friday?
  17. fbara

    Cubs in HD?

    This is my first baseball season with E*. I live in a suburb of Chicago and I'm in the Chicago RSN. Normally, I can find the Cubs game in HD, but tonight I can only find it on 450 in SD. Can any of you more experienced Chicago-area Cubs fans tell me how you 1) find which channel the Cubs...