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  1. DS0816

    Comcast, Dish or Direct TV

    I wouldn't be so quick as to automatically recommend DirecTV. I have DirecTV, and it is ridiculously far behind on basic cable channels in HD. (The company seemed to be the last to add AMC HD. It is finally adding Turner Classic Movies HD next week!) I would consider cable. But I find...
  2. DS0816

    Comcast, Dish or Direct TV

    I haven't gone through all posts. Did you mention your area of residence? (No street address. Just want to know in which market you live. Who are the available providers?) I'd recommend based on the following: 1. Programming 2. Price 3. Quality No. 1 is most important, because getting set up...
  3. DS0816

    U-Verse Internet, Good?

    Outages from Comcast? I thought it's satellite that is supposed to have more trouble (because of rain). That is surprising. I'm sorry there has been this much trouble.
  4. DS0816

    I would like to introduce myself....

    Hello, Gary! Welcome to! Though I'm not in a serviced Bright House community, I have checked out the channel lineup. I'm most interested in HD. And Bright House has been ahead of both Dish Network and DirecTV in carrying a lot of channels that make me wish I had Bright House...
  5. DS0816

    DIRECTV Vs. Dish Network HD quality

    I can't say. Poor setups of Dish Network at Radio Shack and Sears, where the live feeds have a limited selection of HD, I can't do enough comparison. What I did see, such as with Lifetime Movie Network HD, appeared to be no problem with Dish Network. Given that I have been with DirecTV more than...
  6. DS0816

    Comcast office attacked by little old lady

    I'd like an updated report -- to find out whether she's satisfied with new service from competing telecommunications companies. My guess is … yes.
  7. DS0816

    Who should i choose?

    My advice, after you've made a decision, is to go after service in a way in which you sound as if you do not need them. In other words, approach them with a, "So what are you willing to do to sign me on as a customer?"
  8. DS0816

    "Nick GaS" to pass. "The N" takes over 12/31

    Thanks, TNGTony, for posting this report. Since my provider, DirecTV, doesn't currently carry Nickelodeon Games and Sports (GAS), I wonder if it will add the channel -- to be taken over fulltime by The N -- by Dec. 31.
  9. DS0816

    Boomerang on Comcast

    What Comcast ought to do, given that they're in more than 40 states and are the number-one U.S. cable-service provider, is take a different approach. Comcast oughta negotiate for cable-related programming on a national basis. This franchisee thing is antiquated for a monster like Comcast. So...