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  1. jcrandall

    4K Events Schedule & Discussion

    We've had lots of individual threads for 4K events, let's consolidate the 4K events discussion to one sticky thread. Here is the link to the DirecTV 4K Sports Events Schedule: And the link to the DirecTV 4K Information page...
  2. jcrandall

    Looks like NBA TV added to Choice

    Looks like NBA TV (216) may have been added to the Choice package, previously with Xtra and up. I read that it was added to the DirecTV Now packages that didn't have it, including their new Plus/Max packages, and then found the channel was on for me on the satellite side (Choice). For any NBA...
  3. jcrandall

    Streaming now included on Select for Car/Radio Subs

    Good news, finally, the streaming app is now included for subscribers with cars or physical radios at no extra charge. I just called to change one radio from all access to select, and got 1 year for $60 ($72 with royalty). They advertise as $5/month, it comes out as $6/mo, not a big concern...
  4. jcrandall

    Reactivate a Radio for 6 months ($42) get a $50 rebate (

    Sharing this in case it helps anyone, I reactivated one vehicle that we don't use as much but with the rebate it makes sense. Must be a member, and have PayPal account to receive rebate (I know this is not for everyone). Some negative posts about their rebates, but I've received...
  5. jcrandall

    DirecTV Now dropping NFL Network and Nick Jr.

    AT&T TV Promise | DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW, U-verse, WatchTV DirecTV Now is dropping NFL Network for all subscribers, and Nick Jr for grandfathered packages. Subscribers can contact support to keep Nick Jr, but there is no option to keep NFL Network. Following the package slicing a few weeks ago...
  6. jcrandall

    AT&T dropping NFL Network from DirecTV Now and UVerse

    Whoa! To our U-verse TV and DIRECTV NOW customers Our rights to provide the NFL Network in your TV lineup have expired. We're sorry for any inconvenience. The NFL Network and RED ZONE CHANNEL® remain available to all fans on DIRECTV. However, as we continue to manage content costs, we could...
  7. jcrandall

    All-in Pricing Xtra and up include multiple TVs, but the bill doesn't match?

    Wondering if anyone has seen this on their account (or a customer's account). I have the all-in pricing, originally had Choice at $105, and upgraded to Xtra at $117, based on the language that says "No extra fees for the first two rooms!". Got our latest bill and surprise - it is still...
  8. jcrandall

    MLB NLCS in 4K

    Just a quick note for anyone that didn't see it. The entire MLB NLCS (Dodgers vs. Brewers) is going to be in 4K, including FS1 and FOX broadcasts. Most on 106, but Saturday's game is on 105 (likely due to ND Football Saturday as well). Enjoy!
  9. jcrandall

    Hey Guys, I'm Back

    Hey everyone, I've been away from DirecTV for almost two years (after being a customer for 10 years). I've been on occasionally, but not much after leaving Direct. I spent a year with Comcast on a Tivo setup. Loved the Tivo interface, options, and hardware, but hated the Comcast picture...
  10. jcrandall

    Streaming Channel Comparasions

    As I was trying to decide what streaming provider was best for my channel viewing - I threw together a little Excel sheet to show them side by side. Cnet has one but theirs was six months out of date, so I made my own. I'm not sure if I'll bother updating it, but if someone is looking in the...
  11. jcrandall

    Another one bites the dust

    I called tonight to turn off my DirecTV service and will be sending my receivers back. I've had DirecTV since 2006 and really enjoy it, but even with various discounts and such (which seems to be an annual call and beg session) they have simply priced themselves out of my reach. Over the past...
  12. jcrandall

    $25 off DirecTV or DirecTV Now with AT&T Unlimited Plus

    AT&T launched a $25 savings on DirecTV or DirecTV Now packages for subscribers of AT&T Unlimited Plus packages. This is the first of this type of discount including the streaming offerings. UNLIMITED PLUS VIDEO LOYALTY CREDIT: Limited Time...
  13. jcrandall

    Election Mix Channel on 347

    Just a quick mention for those interested, DirecTV has an election mix channel on 347 tonight into tomorrow. Feel welcome to discuss, but please keep discussion non-political.
  14. jcrandall

    Sirius XM TCPA Class Action Settlement

    The lawsuit alleges that Sirius XM violated the TCPA by allegedly authorizing telephone solicitation calls made to Class Members’ cell phone numbers using an automatic telephone dialing system. These calls were made by or on behalf of Sirius XM to individuals who had purchased or leased a new or...
  15. jcrandall

    4K Football

    Looks like NBC is offering some 4K football to DirecTV customers. The guide has the Notre Dame game this coming weekend on the 4k station. Also had beach volleyball last week following the olympics. So for 4k sports we have MLB Network Showcase and NBC Sports. I'd really like to see the...
  16. jcrandall

    HBO / Cinemax FREE PREVIEW 7/15 - 7/18

    Free preview of HBO and Cinemax coming up 7/15-7/18. Time to fill those DVRs. One note that since the receivers now prompt you to purchase the package you cannot pre-schedule recordings for channels that aren't in your package on the receiver. You may be able to schedule them using the...
  17. jcrandall

    Weekend Project: Check out my DirecTV AM25 Off-Air Tuner

    Fair disclosure in case someone does something stupid - Satelliteguys, Myself, and DirecTV assume no liability if you mess with your equipment and cause damage, anything you do after reading this post is at your own risk. The AM21 has long been annoying as it is much larger than it needs to be...
  18. jcrandall

    All Series Links Deleted

    Received software update xB15 overnight and found today all my series links are gone. Recordings are still on the hard drive and play, but nothing is recording. I checked the manage recording and nothing is there but the Boolean searches I use for sports. Not a fun end to the evening.
  19. jcrandall

    FREE PREVIEW: HBO & Cinemax Nov 25-29 Happy Thanksgiving All, DirecTV is promoting an HBO & Cinemax free preview from Nov 25-29 over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
  20. jcrandall

    FREE PREVIEW: HBO & Cinemax Oct 16-19

    FREE PREVIEW: HBO & Cinemax Oct 16-19