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  1. DS0816

    Inside the Collapse of the Boston Red Sox

    Yes. It's really classy stuff. And more proof that outside New York and Boston, MLB franchises in other cities recognize the sickening fixation sports media has on everything Yankees and Red Sox. I wouldn't mind Boston Red Sox going through a ten-year period of being a subpar franchise while...
  2. DS0816

    MLB All Star Rosters Announced

    Last year's All-Star Game went on so long, due to extra innings, I stopped caring which team won. But it is preferable to the wasteful Home Run Derby.
  3. DS0816

    Detroit Tigers

    Detroit Tigers should do their damnest to get Alex Rodriguez. I think people are underestimating Rodriguez, and it's really about money more than everything else. Besides, this thing about the wife -- she can stay put in New York or wherever. It's the money, dummy!
  4. DS0816

    Cleveland Indians

    I'm from Detroit. Tigers have squandered too many games over a six- to seven-week period for me to think they'll catch Cleveland Indians for the AL Central division title. The wild card is a focus, given New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners, and that there is still some time for wiggle room.
  5. DS0816

    Detroit Tigers

    The game on Thursday was lost thru Detroit Tigers' offense leaving double players on base by comparison to Cleveland Indians - all the way thru nine innings. In extra innings, and without either team's starters, someone was going to lose. Issue with Tigers is that they've lost ten consecutive...