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  1. tanman

    WCAX -WPTZ off air due to transmitter fire

    Those few people in VT,upstate NY,parts of Canada and parts of NH who watch these 2 channels using Dish AND read this forum the reason the channels are off the air is the transmitter on top of Mt Mansfield caught fire at 3pm.Comcast unaffected.Don't know about Direct TV.Found the info on the...
  2. tanman

    Did ATT Just Throw Dish A (small)Lifeline?

    AT&T CFO says new DirecTV service will be self-installed box instead of truck roll | FierceVideo If this is indeed true could Dish survive just on subs that have no highspeed internet access?
  3. tanman

    WCAX(Burlington,VT) news surround sound issue

    I've got a 622 Dish receiver which works fine for us.About a week ago I noticed something didn't sound quite right at times on my 5.1 surround system.Finally traced it down to no center speaker sound on WCAX local news broadcasts.AVR display is showing normal display for a Dolby Digital...
  4. tanman

    722 Guide question

    While I was at my brothers house today I thought I'd see if he got the Smithsonian channel(367).Even on the all channel guide it didn't show all though other channels that he didn't subscribe to did show.Upon further research he needs to upgrade from 200 to 250-fair enough. My question is why...
  5. tanman

    Dish anywhere problems?

    I rarely use dishanywhere so I don't know if it's operater error or not.I'm trying to watch a football game that I know is available to me. On a desktop-using Chrome-the screen hangs at "initialising." With Firefox and IE it keeps kicking me back to the main dishanywhere screen. I'm...
  6. tanman

    Patriots vsEagles Blackout

    I'm in Northeast Vt and being from Philly wanted to watch at least the first quarter of tonite's game.The guide showed it as being on NFL network.Tried to select it but got a message that the game was not available in my area.I've seen that message in the past(usually on ESPN when the event is...
  7. tanman

    imminent hard drive failure

    I have a 622 whose hard drive is about to die.Dish is replacing the unit.Sometimes I can still access the hard drive.How do I move the content to an already connected and formatted hard drive?
  8. tanman

    AMC HD

    Currently have grandfathered America silver pac which suits our viewing quite well.I've occasionally thought about switching packs so we could watch AMC HD.I 've looked at the all channel guide and it lists a amc sd on channel 131.The internet(several places)says AMC HD should be listed on...