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  1. shultz

    Contest: Enter to Win a Titanium Satellite PLL C-band LNBF - Ends Oct. 20, 2014

    C2PLL Wideband for my 12ft would be nice! Already bought a C1PLL for the 8ft that works GREAT!!
  2. shultz

    Enter To Win: GEOSATpro microHD FTA Receiver

    I want a microHD for 2013
  3. shultz

    Another Openbox Question

    Ok, so this is what i did now. I took the switch off the 12'er, pluged the cable out of the Gbox into the old Fortec setting in the closet, looped out of the Fortec and into the SSO and it works great! NO dups, gets both "H" and "V", tracks the arc fine. Im a happy camper now and this will get...
  4. shultz

    Another Openbox Question

    I think i found it!! Seems the SSO doesn't like the dmx241! (although all my other receivers don't have a problem with it) Since i had installed a switch (THANKS TONY) i ran a cable from my 8'er with the Micro pak on it over to port 2 of the switch on the 12'er and did a scan with the SSO set at...
  5. shultz

    Another Openbox Question

    Yep, if its set to 5150, it dups every channel. when its set to 5150-5750, it scans them once, and i looked at the list and lyngsat and noticed that some of the "H" channels are really "V". This box just wont scan it a "V". It will have the right fec, sr, but it saves it as an "H". This is...
  6. shultz

    Another Openbox Question

    Well here's something i did discover. I changed the lnb freq from 5150 to 5150-5750 and did a scan. Im now getting the same channels i had on AMC3 and no duplicates. Now i wondering if the openbox does'nt like my dmx241 or if it is a firmware issue???
  7. shultz

    Another Openbox Question

    Tony, i tried the switch and it was a no-go. Scanned AMC3 and still got all the channels duplicated. I also tried the software from Sadouns and all i got out of the mess was a Sathawk screen. But im not givin up!!
  8. shultz

    Another Openbox Question

    Well, that might be the problem. Im using the HDS2-10-11-08 : 1026CM (HDS2_CM_America) file and i don't find anything regarding "Polarity", and a few sats i've checked, im not getting anything on the "V" TP'S. Think i might have to find an older file.
  9. shultz

    Another Openbox Question

    Nope, i have the cable connected to the Gbox then to the openbox. The only other cable im using is the hdmi up to the tv.
  10. shultz

    Another Openbox Question

    Im using my openbox s9 on my 12'er with a dmx241 lnbf and no switches for c band only. I have the lnb set at 5150 on the box and everytime i do a blind scan i get duplicate channels and transponders. for example, the rtv's on 3800V29124 will also scan in as 3800H29124, so i get 2 tp's and 2...
  11. shultz

    Gregg's List???

    They are based out of indy and have been around here forever. We have them all over the place around here. They have weekly sales on different electronic's and appliance's. Most of the "electrical" stuff in my house came from them. But, their just like any other electronic store, whatever your...
  12. shultz

    RFD TV on AMC1 103W

    Coming in fine here at about 72Q.
  13. shultz

    CONTEST - Enter to Win: GEOSATpro DVR1100c w/15GB HDD, 90cm Dish - Complete System

    I remember the friday night football games and the hay wagon rides when i was younger many many moons ago. And now with the grandson at that age, going back to the football games again brings back alot of memories.
  14. shultz

    Enter to Win: Sponsors Super Satellite Sampler System - Contest Ends 2.28.2010

    I got interested in fta after i dumped comcast and got dish. I found this site, and after alot of reading and asking questions, and the help i got from the great people on this site, i installed my "first" 39" fortec. The farm has really grown, and keeps getting bigger :D I've told a few of my...
  15. shultz

    Random Act of Kindness to Win: GEOSATpro DSR200c Receiver - SatelliteAV 1/4/2010

    "I Committed a Random Act of Kindness". I helped a friend setup his new sv8000 today.
  16. shultz

    RFD-TV still up?

    yep, it's still there. RFD HD is still on 121w also.