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  1. tsduke

    Considering switching from Directv

    I've been with Directv for nearly 10 years but having a continual problem of audio cutouts they can't resolve. I have a HR44, HR24 and 3 clients currently. Anything I should consider before making a decision? Will I be happy with Dish picture quality? Genie vs Hopper? Appreciate any feedback.
  2. tsduke

    Any changes with HD PQ?

    I'm thinking about returning to Dish. Have a long running dispute with a local channel that seems to have to end in site. 2008 was the last time I was with Dish and I'm curious does Dish still uses the reduced res of 14xx x 1080? Not trying to start a big debate or anything, but I did think I...
  3. tsduke

    Helping mother-in-law

    My mother in law had an installer out to upgrade them to HD yesterday. They are only getting a few of the HD channels right now for some reason. Installer told them they need to go online to do "something". What is he talking about? They don't even have a computer. I've been in Directv...
  4. tsduke

    Billing question

    Need help with a billing question. I'm looking at my mother's bill and not sure what is correct. 1. She has 1-722 and 1-222. What should her equipment charge be per month? 2. She is still getting charged $10 for HD 250. She has AT&T bundle that why?
  5. tsduke

    ? on changing packages

    Is there a best time to changes packages money wise? Today is the last day in my billing cycle and the last day of the 4 month Premier/NFL ST for 74.99 a month promo. Will I get a bunch of partial day charges if I change it today?
  6. tsduke

    Directv pricing

    My promo is nearly over. How do I go about seeing what my different package/pricing options are going forward? Since I have premiere not pricing show for anything online, just says I already have it.
  7. tsduke

    AM21 ? about 2/17 DTV conversion

    All the stations in my market are going forward with a 2/17 shut off of analog. A couple stations are switching from UHF to VHF. Since the AM21 doesn't scan for channels how will it get the changes on 2/17?
  8. tsduke

    771 error for ota on AM21

    Starting yesterday(that I noticed), I can't get KWWL-DT my NBC station on my AM21. Friends were getting fine, and signal looked goog for them. Is is possible the Directv could have changed something that would cause me to loose the station? Wrong data? I wish they would just use scanning...
  9. tsduke

    Parental controls not so good

    DirectTV parental controls suck. I wish there was a way to just block out the adult channels without it causing a bunch of premium channels as showing blocked title. How do see the actual title and info for a "blocked title" show? Edit: The title blocked, but I can still watch it. Great...
  10. tsduke

    College football and blackouts

    Are college football games blacked out on RSN's when ESPN game plan will be airing?
  11. tsduke

    HD DVR RF/IR remote question

    Are these receivers not cabable of having both IR and RF remote in use at the same time?
  12. tsduke

    Returning equipment after cancel

    The customer service rep I canceled with waived the need to return the lnb, but when my boxes arrived today there's instructions on send it back. Do I have to worry about them charging me when I don't send it back?
  13. tsduke

    Direct vs Dish mounts

    Can a Direct dish be mounted in a E* mount? I wasn't sure how they differed. I know the tubes were a different size at one time.
  14. tsduke

    Account login unavailable

    Can anyone login to their account right now. I've been getting a message that is't temp unavailable since a CSR fixed my order. Seem coincidental on the timing so wondering if it's just me or if others can't login either.
  15. tsduke

    Considering D*. Got ?'s

    Where can I find specs and capabilities of the HD DVR? Does it do OTA? I have E* now, but want more sports options. Compare to E* what will I like and dislike about switching. Is ordering direct through D* the best option? Anything I should watch for or consider when signing up?
  16. tsduke

    In Demand Nets Pulls Plug on Mojo HD

    Here's one channel E* won't be adding. In Demand Nets Pulls Plug on Mojo HD Oct 7, 2008 -By Anthony Crupi Mojo HD, the male-skewing high-definition cable network that was launched in 2003 by distributor In Demand Networks, is going dark on Dec. 1. In a statement released Tuesday afternoon...
  17. tsduke

    Big 10 Alt's

    Why aren't these channles mapped down like everything else?
  18. tsduke

    VIP SD aspect ratio

    I can't modify the aspect ration for SD when watching an SD channel. Anyone else having this issue?
  19. tsduke

    MyDVR online timer scheduling

    I just noticed that the MyDVR tab is gone from I don't see any info about online timer scheduling anymore.
  20. tsduke

    National HD on spotbeams at 110

    There are some national HD channels on spotbeam for AK. When Echo XI is in place will AK be able to get these off of conus instead so these spots can be used for new HD locals?