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    Free DVR for new customers? (Circuit City Rebate & Directv Rebate)

    Are you sure the rebate that Circuit City is offering isnt the Directv rebating, meaning that they are just advertising what Directv is offering?
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    Dishnetwork switching to Directv Questions

    Thanks for all the response. Does any one have any questions on direction of the satelite and how difficult of a task this is. Boba, thanks for the info on the dish, I'll probably wait then.
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    Dishnetwork switching to Directv Questions

    Ok, I have a few questions, well actually alot of question so please be patient. 1. Question:Choosing a dish to purchase, I'm guessing if i want HD tv i have to go with the triple LNB dish or no? I dont currently have HD ready TV but I may in the future and just assume go ahead and do it now...
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    Dishnetwork switching to Directv

    sorry for the miss post. Please delete.