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    Signal loss....

    You should only lose the signal when a heavy rain or thunder storm rolls through your area. Rain drops are the same size as the 10GHz radio wave used to downlink the signal to your dish. The radio signal bounces off of the rain drops. Small rain showers should not effect the signal to the...
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    More antenna help

    Where is the preamp placed? It should be at the antenna. If the signal at the antenna is a certain level at the antenna output terminals then the amp, if placed at the antenna will amplify that and sent it down the cable to the TV. The cable will have signal loss at the UHF channel frequencies...
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    Verizon now offers Directv service.

    Seen triSat dishes on the market for $40. Also saw a DTV receiver at circuit city for $299. Its HDTV ready. Call Pegasus and get their 2 or 3 room free installation. Once its in service just replace the dish and activate the new Rx. Thats what I did and no complaints.
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    Verizon now offers Directv service.

    Got a 2/220 and 440 triband in the car. Live in Rindge and wrk in Woburn. Have N1IMO's 147.195 machine here in Rindge. Also have a 224.6 in Rindge and 224.98 machine running in Woburn. Verizon had DSl in the next town of Jaffrey. So there is hope here. Until then I have to deal with Pine...
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    Verizon now offers Directv service.

    Same here in Rindge NH. Verizon will only deal with people who live in areas not associated with Pegasus. Im still waiting for DSl from Verizon. PS I like your Pic in QRZ!!!
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    OTA Antenna Direction

    The sun sets in the west (270 degrees). Depending on what latitude you are on point the antenna just south of where the sun sets at your location. A cheap $100 compass will work.
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    D Hdtv

    Its only 2004. Remember sooner or most likely later, ALL channels will have to be in the HDTV format.
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    Not sure but I think if you suscribe to the basic sports package you will get NESN.
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    Quick question on Dish and DirecTV

    One pair of cables? Does that mean you have two cables entering your house? No you can not split the cable. Each receiver has a DC voltage going from the receiver to the LNB on the dish. Only one can control the dish. You could get a A/B switch and run one at a time though.
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    Triple LNB Question?

    I might in left field here but when I upgraded to the triple sat dish I only had to run 1 cable per TV. The multiswitch is in the LNB itself. I did remember that you have to have a relativility new receiver thats smart enough to send the correct signal to the LNB. One cable for one TV. There...
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    rg59 ??

    With a typical run of coax from the dish to the receiver, RG-59 has 3 to 6 dB of additional cable loss than RG-6. 3dB is 1/2 of the power getting to your receiver. Another 3DB will drop it to 1/4 of the power getting there. Stay with Quad RG-6.
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    Is a bigger dish better?

    A larger dish also narrows the beam width. AT 10GHz or so the bean width of the dish you have is about 3 degrees. If you get a larger dish the beamwidth narrows. That means it will be harder to aim and easier to get blown out of alignment. You cant get something for nothing. There is...
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    Good Customer Service

    At least you don't have to deal with d* evil spawn. Pegasus who is the evil witch of the rural USA!!!
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    Pegasus and HDTV

    I just had to pay an extra $1.50 a month to get the new CBSE HD feed so I can watch the superbowl in high def. I was told by three "customer services reps" in the last two days that this wiould NOT happen as long as I have the Boston Local package and the HDTV package. Today I was told...
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    Superbowl at stake...

    100 feet of RG 6 cable at will give you 3dB of increased signal strength with a 30 foot run, (less loss than RG59). It could be that you needed that extra 3dB. Its even more pronounced with longer runs.