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    My Ongoing Pet Peeve with Dish DVRs Continues with the Hopper (Mid-show Recording)

    My biggest pet peeve with Dish's PVRs/DVRs is the horrible way they handle mid-show recording. (I include the term PVR with this because this complaint goes all the way back to the old PVR501.) The other day, my wife started watching a local, non-primetime news program. She had to run off...
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    A Fun 3rd Hopper Installation

    Thanks to information shared by some of the pioneers here at Satellite guys, I decided to venture down the path of installing a third Hopper. I found some pretty useful wiring diagrams floating around, so I used them with slight modifications to accomodate my 6 Joeys. (I used a Duo Node for...
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    Hopper Storm Recovery Sucks

    We had heavy storms roll through the Chicago area last night. Once again, the Hoppers locked up hard (black screens and no response to remotes) and had to be manually reset in order to restore functionality. This has happened every time heavy storms have disrupted the satellite signal. Never...
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    Four MOCA Bars, but Yellow

    I've been having trouble with my Joeys disconnecting from the Hoppers periodically since 213 rolled out. Originally I had Internet connections going into both of my Hoppers; everything else was connected via the RG6 MOCA network. Per recommendations here, I pulled one of the Internet...
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    Auto Hop Bug?

    I was Auto Hopping through a network show (How to be a Gentleman) last night from my PTAT listing. The show was more than 24-hours old, so it was Auto Hop enabled. I selected Auto Hop and started watching. About 10 minutes into the show a commercial break came up and I was Auto Hopped the end...
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    Anyone Using a USB Hub on Hopper

    I currently have two EHDs plugged into my Hopper, so both rear USB ports are in use. I want to plug in the Slingbox as well, but don't want to expose the wires by using the front USB port. Has anybody had luck using a USB hub with the Hopper. If so, which make and model?
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    May Have Solved My S209 PTAT Problem

    After a month of flawless PTAT function with S207, I have had nothing but problems with PTAT since S209 spooled to my two Hoppers last week. The Hoppers would not record anything in PTAT some nights, only one network of the four some nights and other nights a different one of the four networks...
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    S209 Problems Continue - Add-On Owned Joeys Deauthorized

    Just discovered another S209 problem. The two purchased Joeys that I added almost a month ago are not authorized. At installation, both Joeys had automatically authorized through the Hopper Internet connection as part of the Joey setup wizard. They now both need to be authorized again. I...
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    Major S209 Error - PTAT Failure

    My Hopper #1 received S209 Thursday night (Hopper #1 received it Monday or Tuesday night); both from S207. All Joeys are now on the latest Joey software as well. In order to maximize the number of tuners available for viewing and recording during prime-time, I have PTAT running on Hopper...
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    Any Way to Watch a Single DVR Stream Simultaneously on Multiple Joeys

    When I video modulated my 722 output throughout the house, we could watch the same DVR event on all the TVs (only one person needed to jump the commercials, pause, or play for all viewers). I'm pretty sure that you can watch the same live stream on multiple Joeys, but can you watch the exact...
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    3-way Splitter Information for DIYers

    I just successfully self-installed a 5th Joey in my 2H system. The only issue I had was getting my hands on a dish-approved 3-way splitter (they are currently on back-order). It turns out that Ideal makes a series of 5Mhz-2.4GHz splitters that out-spec the Dish approved splitters. Used it for...
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    Joey Behavior in Two Hopper Installations

    From what I've read, a two Hopper system will not be fully integrated until some future software update; meaning that for now the two Hoppers will operate as two seperate whole-house DVRs. Does this mean that each Joey will be "attached" to a specific Hopper and not be able to see the...
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    Need Clarification on Max Number of Joeys in 2 Hopper Setup

    There now seems to be conflicting information floating around this board regarding the maximum number of Joeys that can be supported in a two Hopper setup. I have seen posts that say the maximum number of Joeys is 4 and others that say 6? Can somebody with official information please clarify?
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    Best Way to Find A Good Local Installer

    I am ready to jump on the Hopper/Joey band wagon as soon as they are out. What is the best way to locate a good, knowledgeable local installer to work with? (I live in Naperville, IL.)
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    Need Some DIRT Team Assistance

    I have specific questions about some equipment and programming upgrades for my mother-in-law's Dish account. She has two 311 receivers and would like a DVR and some additional movie channels. Could one of the DIRT Team members please contact me. Thanks, Jim
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    Best Way to Switch to WA

    After doing some research in the forums, I realized that I am missing some HD channels because I am on a mixed ARC config (61.5, 110 & 119) - BBCA specifically. The reason I was put on 61.5 when I added HD was that the LOS to 129 from my current dish location is blocked by a tree. However, I...
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    721 - 10 second Skip-back Problem

    Has anyone else had problems with the commercial skip buttons on the 721. On a few instances lately, I have noticed that when using the 30 second commercial skip-ahead button, the 10 second skip-back button doesn't work. Sometimes it does nothing. Other times it skips back once or twice, but...
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    Max Distance Between DPP44 & Power Inserter

    Does anyone know what the maximum distance allowed between the DPP44 and its power inserter? My installation is greatly simplified if I can install the power inserter within 10' of the receivers - about 50' away from the DPP44. Also, I will be connecting a 501, 508, and 2x721's to the DPP44...
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    Got L116 Last Night - Lost All Programs on HDD Today

    I'm pretty ticked right now. L116 loaded last night and all seemed fine. However, this morning the record light was on when nothing should have been recording. Turned on the TV and saw a message about a hard disk failure - everything reinstalled and all programs lost. I hate dish right now...