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    FTA ain't wha it used to be

    I'm a casual FTAer, hispasat on the weekends for ETB and Galicia to keep up with my spanish. RTPA was a big loss. Other than that, I don't see a single thing on FTA (ku band) that is worth the trouble. Am I just missing something?
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    RTPA Choppy Sound

    Anyone else getting this? If not, is it my Coolsat 4000 Pro screaming to be replaced by something newer?
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    Coolsat 4000 Pro S-Video Losing Color

    About a month ago, the s-video started coming in intermittently in B/W. Turning the unit off and on at the back would usually restore the color. Looks like the color is now dead permanently. I've switched to the composite rca connector, but as owners would know, there is a big drop in...
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    RTNEast/West In and Out

    Last night, couldn't even lock on. This morning quality at 90 on coolsat 4000. What gives? Is it me or is this satellite's power up and down continuously all day?
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    Current Channel List for Coolsat 4000 Pro

    Can someone post or show me where I can get an updated channel and satellite list for the Coolsat? The original one which I am still using doesn't have AMC9 and I'm having a hard time adding new satellites. I figure just installing someone's file who is pretty current would do the job. I do...
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    The Free Music Channels on 119W

    Been awhile since I've tried to use this. I deleted all channels and rescanned using the "FREE" selection. I'm getting the free video channels and both the pay and free radio channel's listing are showing, the pay of course blocked, but have quality. The free are there (CD1, CD2, etc), but...
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    Jack Benny on RTN

    The rtnville site is listing this as being on. When and where? Thanks!
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    KDEV-LP on TitanTV

    Anyone ever figure out how to get listings on Titantv for this RTN channel?
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    More International Channels Than You'll Ever Need...

    I thought this might be interesting to the community. Thousands of streaming television channels from all over the world. Some links I've tried don't work but most do. Properly implemented, could make FTA go the way of HAM radio... Mira los mas recientes Videos y TV en vivo If you double...
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    SG2100 Gone Loco

    I keep my dish parked at 123W most all the time, but last time I attempted to dial in another satellite, the motor went all the way west and got stuck there. No amount of button pushing could get it to budge. I think I turned the box off (Coolsat 4000) from the rear and rebooted, this got the...
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    Adding Satellites to Coolsat 4000 Pro

    I don't see this one posted before. When you hit the SAT button on remote, the only satellites that come up are those that have at least one channel logged, so you can't get to new satellites from that menu. When you go to dish and motorized setup and select the satellite you want to add, the...
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    Sound Quality of DishNetwork Music Channels

    On 119? I am using a Coolsat 4000 Pro and am using up my outputs so I have not been able to connect it to my receiver. Has anyone every upgraded from analog to the optical out and can comment on the improvement?
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    Anime on Canal Habana

    Thought someone might want to know, real cool animation, Japanese, lots of violence and such this past Saturday at 10pm on Canal Habana. Is this a weekly or one time thing? Problem is, in Japanese with Spanish subtitles! Still, looked very current, I don't think they worry to much in Cuba...
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    $5 TV Set

    I know sometimes its convenient to have a TV out at the dish during setup. I came across this deal, thought someone might want it. I got the one with radio (scroll down) t does not have a coax jack, but does have RCA for both audio and video, can't say what jacks might be on the other...
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    Box With The "Best" Picture

    I am getting the picture-improvement itch and was wondering if there are any boxes out there that would improve the picture I am currently getting with the Coolsat 4000 Pro. Not reception, but pure picture quality. I have this box hooked up thru S-Video.
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    DN Service and Cost Questions

    I am a new customer. I want the HD DVR. I do NOT have a phone line. I want the $59.99 HD package ($39.99 for 10 months offer). What is my monthly payment going to be? Is there an extra charge for the HD DVR initially or on a monthly basis? Is it a one year agreement? Should I...
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    Calling DN vs. Local Installer

    I can't remember the specifics, but I think there is a difference in the offer and the amount the installer makes if you go through him rather than call DishNetwork. Does anyone know the specifics?
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    DTV's HD Offering

    I had heard at one time that DT was going to be adding substantial HD programming, apparently has not happened yet. What is the timing on this? How many channels are anticipated? I am currently looking at signing up with DishNetwork for their HD content, want to make the right choice. THANKS.
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    Voomer Coming Back Into the Fold...

    I've had cable since Voom folded, am looking to get back into large quantities of HD programming. At this time, what is my best move? I would be a new customer with either DishNetwork or DirecTV. I like DN 26 channel option and it looks like the DVR box can be had for $200. There is also a...
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    RTN Program Guide

    What's the best way to know what's on? Is my only option going to TitanTv and entering each set of call letters? Seems like alot of work. Maybe there is some other service where one's selections can be saved and shared with all, is this possible with TitanTv or some other service?