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  1. ProWire

    WildBlue vs. Hughesnet - which to sell?

    We're considering offering satellite internet since we do a lot of work in rural areas and people are always asking how they can get high speed internet. I know hughesnet has been around awhile and is very popular, but wildblue is quickly gaining popularity. The problem is, it seems every...
  2. ProWire

    New to CE, will MRV work with my setup?

    I've got an HR23 and an H23. Will the H23 view the DVR's content by the list button or does it have to be another DVR? I'm planning on forcing the download tonight when the window opens up (I'm assuming MRV is back on for this one). Everything's networked already with both receivers connected...
  3. ProWire

    HD DVR Internal Temperature

    Just got an HR23-700 and I noticed it's running at 127*F, although I'm currently downloading OD content and watching a recording of Flash Forward. Is this normal? The old DVR ran about 115*F on average.
  4. ProWire

    Why can't I point a Dish 500?

    Most of my dealers are selling more Dish than DirecTV right now (probably due to the economy), so I've started installing Dish. When I last installed them about 4 years ago, we had the superdish. Now the locals have moved from 105 to 110, so it's all Dish 500's. I had never installed one...
  5. ProWire

    Hiding HD channels on the guide

    I work in a DMA that gets locals on 103, so everybody has a Ka/Ku and HD receivers. When a customer who doesn't subscribe to HD selects a channel, the box wants to default to the HD version of the channel resulting in service calls when the customer sees a 721 code. I hate explaining this to...
  6. ProWire

    DirecTV DMA Map

    Does anybody know where I can find a map of the different DMAs? I'm just curious where the lines are drawn since my service area covers 3 of them.
  7. ProWire

    Splitting 5LNB into SWM8 & 6x8

    Ive got a 6 unit apt building i'm wiring up for a single dish. We've got two apts hooked up on DTV already which maxed out the SWM lnb, and we've just sold to a third apt so it's time to expand. 1. Can I split a standard 5LNB with 4 dual power passing HF splitters into two SWM8's (or 1 SWM8...
  8. ProWire

    Commercial Install Problem with RF

    I hung a couple flat panels in a pharmacy last week and to keep it clean, I put the DirecTV HD receivers in the back on a rack with all the phone, network, and security equipment. I set the receivers up on RF. TV1 receiver only picks up the remote from less than 5 feet away (I verified it was...
  9. ProWire

    New KA/KU Dish?

    There's a rumor going around the shop that no one can confirm. I really hope it's true. The first KA/KU's I did were down in Atlanta when they first rolled out. Those were the old square AT9 Dishes. I hated 'em. I came back home (northeast tennessee) and not only were we doing AT9's, we were...
  10. ProWire

    Hey, new guy here. Thought I'd say hey!

    What's up guys? Been surfing for a couple years, not sure why I never signed up, but now I have. I'm Gary, and I own a company called ProWire Home Services in Tennessee. I mainly do home wiring, prewiring on new construction, home theater installation, anything that involves running wires...