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  1. mjac

    Switching things around

    Hello, Haven't been posting here since I quit fooling around with C band. Today I am seeking help some help (read, will this work) with some changes to a dish system I currently have on a small, one TV cabin deep in the mountain woods of east TN. The system is very simple, a hopper with sling...
  2. mjac

    Is 99W Galaxy 16 up and running?

    I set up a dish for a friend today. Got on the TS sat with no problem. Moved west and got 97W and 101W without problems but no lock on 99W. Quality meter bounces from 14 to 38. TIA
  3. mjac

    Are either of these dishes worth fooling with?

    Free, but I would have to remove NPRM and blocks from the roof and haul away.
  4. mjac

    Chaparral Corotor

    I am rehabbing/updating a corotor. The c band LNB is somewhere around 1983 vintage and someone has marked "bad" on the Ku LNB. I don't have either of them with me so I can't tell you what they are. I would like your recommendations for suitable replacement LNBs. Also, the blue box control, is...
  5. mjac

    Channel Master molded off set dish-odd shape?

    I spotted an unusual shaped, to me anyway, Channel Master molded off set dish. It was on a free standing pipe about 12' high. I could get close enought to read the Channel Master sticker on the back side and it had the traditional three support legs with a hooded LNBF feed cover. It was pretty...
  6. mjac

    83.0°W AMC 9 C

    Is anything there these days? I have an aiming project coming soon. Thanks
  7. mjac

    Last chance-These two dishes have got to go............

    I need the room. Here is a link for details. I will be in TN for a week beginning July 23. If no takers, well..........they are out of there.
  8. mjac

    Free 8' Channel Master Dish in Eldorado AR

    Traveling on my motorcycle and engaged in a for fun BBQ tour, I found myself looking for a BBQ joint in a somewhat questionable area of town. Passing by a rather rundown but open, motel, I spotted the dish. It is a solid composite and in perfect shape. After a...
  9. mjac

    Suggestions for using an existing ground mount for a heavier dish?

    I currently have a 4.5” OD x 108” pipe in a 12”~14” diameter x 48” deep hole w/ 8 - 80# bags of concrete in a TN mountain side. A 10.5’ no name mesh dish in mounted on this pipe. I want to mount a considerably heavier 10’ perforated dish (not mesh) on this pipe. This dish uses a larger...
  10. mjac

    Orthomode install switch question (s)

    As I understand it, ultimately I should have a coax from each LNB at the dish running to a powered multiswitch (to furnish 18v to each LNB) which would be located, because it is powered, somewhere out of the weather and nearer the receiver. Then, from the multiswitch, I would have one coax to...
  11. mjac

    Two mesh dishes free to good home or homes.

    Available near Madisonville TN, one week in mid July only! The exact time TBA. 1) 7.5' Channel Master mesh with 4 support arms.Two very small cuts in the the mesh and hardly noticeable. No LNB, scaler or actuator included. This dish is assembled but on the ground, not in service. It can be...
  12. mjac

    Channel Master orthomode feed

    It came with my newly acquired dish and I plan to use it but I have a question about the feed condition. Upon closer inspection the insides are fairly corroded. The probes themselves are in good shape probably because they are a different metal but from the front down to the first probe is the...
  13. mjac

    Coolsat loader

    The computer I have been using to load my Channel Master channel list editor took a dump and consequently I no longer have a usable serial port. I would use a straight cable on the serial port. Now I am trying to use a USB to serial adapter on a USB port only computer (win 7) and it wont work...
  14. mjac

    Another one saved-What is it?

    A week or so ago I spotted a 10' mesh on a property that was for sale. I called the Realtor and explained my call. He said he would check with the owner and get back to me. Yesterday he returned my call and said the owner asked I submit an offer. The Realtor then said he didn't think that was...
  15. mjac

    BUD string test?

    Ideally the strings should be as close together as possible where they cross, but at what point do you give up on a dish. 1/4", 1/2" or ? What is the max and the dish is still usable?
  16. mjac

    Paraclipse 12ft satellite dish-Lakeland Floida

    Paraclipse 12ft satellite dish
  17. mjac

    Need a hot TP

    Trying to set up my BUD in TN. My true south satellite is the Ku sat at 84.0 W and I am having trouble finding anything there. MY Ku dish is in Florida. Can someone give a hot TP and SR numbers to try for?
  18. mjac

    How to tell if a DSR-922 is dead??

    I did not get a remote with the receiver that was given to me.The 7th digit in the SN is a 1, so I guess it was manufactured in 2001. When I plug it in I get a display as seen in the attached picture. Nothing happens when I press any button including the power button. Did the battery die and...
  19. mjac

    ProSat Communications Systems Button Hook 10' mesh dish

    This is what I know about the dish. The dish was new approx 20 years ago and is pristine condition. It was used for 4dtv until 6 years ago when the owner went to Direct TV. It is approx 10 miles miles from my TN home which will probably mean no adjustment in the mount will be needed. You tell...
  20. mjac

    Button hook dish

    In my seemingly never ending search for a larger BUD ( I have a 7.5 Odom and a 7.5 CM), I have stumbled upon a 12' button hook mesh. I do not know the name and presently do not have any pictures. All the parts and pieces are there and it is currently mounted fairly near my home. As far as I know...