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    C61K strange experiences

    I had 2 very strange experiences yesterday with my new C61K and not sure these are related, but here goes: We were hosting a Super Bowl party yesterday so had 3 different TVs turned on to the local CBS channel (21 in Harrisburg, PA). The one TV was hooked up to an HR21, another to an HR54 and...
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    HR54 and C61K Manuals?

    I just had an HR54 Genie and C61K Genie Mini installed by DirecTV. However the installer did not leave any manual with either unit and I did not think to ask before he left. Does anyone know if there is a place I can download the manual for either of these units. I did find a manual that...
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    4K DirecTV Install Experience

    I contacted DirecTV and informed them I wanted to upgrade my current setup to be able to watch 4K programming (both the current 4K VOD and the upcoming live 4K. Fortunately I did a lot of research on these forums and figured out exactly what I needed. I received a very nice CSR and told her...