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    HBO HD-W Any rumors on DTV adding this?

    Folks, As an ever increasing portion of the US (no thanks to lack border security, lol) many of us here on the west coast would like to see HBO's hi-def channel in prime time. This is even more important if you've got rugrats scurrying about like i do. Can't have the kids watching Tony and...
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    Mass Exodus from Voom to DirecTV in October?

    See this link, Voom better come up with some WOW HD, new channels and a DVR to fight the Murdoch machine or this could well be the straw that broke the Camelvisions back!
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    Voom Will Survive If:

    This thread is not meant to slam Voom. Please don't post if you want to, we have plenty of other threads started to do that. I thought we might have fun and post what each of us "sees" Voom being in the future. Predications- if you may. I think Voom will look very different a year from...
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    Fatty Mike Tyson fights, off his meds?

    Which fat guy tonight will run out of breath first?, my guess is three rounds for these out shape guys, tops. Marshmellow Mike. He can only win if he forgets to take his meds.
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    Thoughts On The New Software

    Just a few notes on the update. It seems a cold reboot might be in order after the update. Since doing that, this firmware does overall, seem more stable. The RF OTA scanning is a nice Voom addtion, well done! I already had all my locals but I know many people did not. The audio variation...
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    Will Voom carry the new "Logo" gay channel?

    Starts Feb. 2005, gay weddings, gay reality shows, (They are bringing back the game show "Queen for a Day) apple bobbing competions. How mad will those Voomers be that hate the gay channel that Voom has now?
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    LG 3200 anybody have this STB?

    LG LSS-3200A anybody have this STB? or Sony SAT-HD300 I would like to get some feedback on this box before I buy it. My local retailer tells me that this STB is indentical to the Sony SAT-HD300 which they can no longer get from Sony. I have my doubts. I had a Sony SAT-HD200 which I...
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    Thinking about leaving Voom- Here are 7 reasons

    Not in order of importance- 1.) Volume variation. 2.) Picture breakup when changing channels. 3.) STB that locks up- alot! 4.) Lack of SD channels (more kids stuff to start with) 5.) STB cannot tune local cable TV (D* can) 6.) No Sunday Ticket (but I knew this) 7.) Lousy install-...
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    Any Bonehead Installers Pull this One on You?

    My installer really takes the cake: He used the diaplexer module on my STB and then put my OTA into the UHF/VHF input, though I have two lines! I was installed around 5/11/2004 in Los Angeles. The guy that was here named was Thomas and he and I went to my roof to look over things. I...
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    Sony STB for Voom?

    Why the heck can't Voom contract with one the best STB makers in the satellite business? If the Voom goal is to offer the best in HD why not offer us the best in equipment? I know many of those here in this forum would agree the Moto box reeks. If any of you here has owned and used a Song...
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    Smarty Jones in Great HD!

    He could win a bundle, great pic on Voom!
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    Willie Nelson on Rave Amazing Picture Quality!!!

    For the 'dissing Voom takes in this forum, well- Willie is jumping out of my TV. This is why I love VOOM!!! Willie looks
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    Hey Voom, us parents need PBS kids!

    Great channel, with excellent programming for younger children. Any other parents here that care to chime in?
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    West Coast OTA Signal Number

    After the Voom installer left I have found my signal for OTA to be 38-40 and have found out this is way too low. He never said a word about it, I was his last stop. I have breakup on top of the screen on my LA locals abc, cbs, fox and nbc. Any one with a high number and a great picture...
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    Voom is signing up Dealers now!

    I have a close friend who is one of the largest Audio-Video Dealers in Los Angeles today. He went for a personal demo of Voom at the CEO’s LA beach house on this past Friday. He told me he loved the service and is finalizing a contract to be a Voom independent dealer. This is great because...
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    How do I get to the menu option that tells me OTA signal numbers??

    I saw the installer go to a menu that tells the OTA signal in numbers? How do I find this menu. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Any Voom installs in Los Angeles and surrounding areas?

    I like to hear any issues or if you are happy with Voom in the greater Los Angeles area, beaches, valleys, etc.
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    Weingard Square Shooter- OTA anyone?

    Weingard Square Shooter - OTA Solution- had anyone used? There had been some real positive feedback on this new antenna from Weingard, maybe we should encourage Voom to look into it. Here is a copy of one post from Remote Central- "Just thought I'd let you guys know that I recently...
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    Voom box decoding cable TV & show in channel guide?

    Hi, I'm getting Voom installed and I wonder if anyone else here has done this. I have cable and my old *D* had a coax input for cable TV, could decode it and show the channels and times on the channels guide right along with the *D* programming. Any Voomers get this to work? Because of...
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    Voom being installed this week in Santa Monica, CA

    I haven't seen anyone else here with Voom in Santa Monica, California (near LA). I already have an OTA (Weingart) that Voom tells me that they will use. It works great, so i'm hoping the install will go smooth. They are coming out on the 13th, I hope!