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    Is PBS HD audio on 125 stereo or 5.1?

    The local PBS station here in Philly (WHYY) broadcasts all of their audio in stereo. An engineer told me that it's because of some combination of bandwidth issues or they don't have the right equipment to send the audio in 5.1. Is the audio for PBS HD East and PBS HD West on 12140 V 30000 on...
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    Anyone getting 12115 V 22425 on G25 97W?

    I did a blind scan last night and found over 200 TV channels and a bunch of radio channels but this TP didn't scan in. Is it weaker than the other TP's? What made me look for it is there is a Philadelphia OTA TV station W36DO at DTV 36.1 that broadcasts Cornerstone Television and in...
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    MacGyver reruns FTA?

    Are MacGyver reruns being aired anywhere FTA? One of the RTN stations on G10? Anywhere?
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    Volume level for AC3 audio using Sonic Voom headphones

    My CS5000 doesn't decode AC3 audio which is a bummer because the PBS channels on G25 are AC3. So I bought a set of Sonic Voom headphones to decode the audio. With these you don't actually use the headphones (although you could) but just connect the little box that comes with them to your...
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    Bird with 3 PowerVU channels at 11900 V 13203?

    Last night I installed my Starband dish in a permanent location looking for G10. This dish is skewable and I find hard to aim for both azimuth and elevation. After blind scanning for a while I got signal on a bird that has three encrypted channels on 11900 V 13203 that came up as Channel #1...
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    Diseqc and 22khz switches at end of 160 foot RG6 runs

    I have a T90 toroidal set up on my garage roof and about 160 feet of RG6 from the garage to the receivers in the house. All of the LNB's are hooked up to grounding blocks and grounded to a pipe driven about six feet into the ground out at the garage. I have a CS5000 that does diseqc 1.1 hooked...
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    Those !@#$!@# el cheapo diseqc switches

    Finally got the T90 assembled and hooked up. Tried connecting to the receiver with an Ecoda 22k switch to two 4X1 diseqc switches, the cheapo kind that come with receivers. Didn't work. Finally found a 2X1 switch that did work, and hooked up two 22k switches to that to get four sats to one...
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    Switch question - 8 dual LNB's to 3 receivers

    I saw a thread asking about 1 dual LNB to 3 receivers. How about 8 dual LNB's to 3 receivers? Can you use Ecoda 22 khz and diseqc switches in combination with multiswitches somehow? What order do the switches go in? Thanks in advance to the switch experts.
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    Aiming Starband dish with skewable mount

    I have a Starband dish (Channel Master 74E type) with skewable mount. Over the weekend I removed the factory LNB which is very heavy with a transmitter included and replaced it with a Sadoun KL2 dual linear LNB, attaching it to the LNB arm with a fabricated metal plate and stainless steel hose...
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    Anyone know of a good deal on dual linear LNB's?

    Someone on eBay is selling Orasat OS-DL2 dual linear LNB's for $10.99 plus $9.99 shippling. Sadoun has its KUL2 model on eBay 4 for $93.50 + $12 shipping. Both are supposedly 0.4 dB noise. Q1 Anyone know anything about either of these units? Q2 Is one better than another or are they...
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    For Valentines Day, Ten Reasons Why Satellite Dishes are Better than Women

    1. A satellite dish doesn't care if you have another dish on the side. 2. A satellite dish doesn't get upset if you stay out all night hangin' with your BUDs. 3. With women, if you have a dish in every port, and they find out about each other, they will DiSEqC you. 4. With a satellite dish...
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    Question for experienced FTA'ers - how long does it take you to get signal?

    There was one thread here about people who have set up a dish, plugged everything in and instantly had signal and lots of people have apparently done that at least once, just as lots of golfers have hit a hole in one at some point in their careers. On the other extreme was the memorable thread...
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    Starband dish pictures - need help replacing mount hardware

    The other week someone gave me a Starband dish in pieces with some of the hardware missing. I was stumped as to what the hardware even looked like until I ran across these pictures from Sadoun. I was hoping some of the extremely helpful people here would look at the attached pictures to...
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    Questions for the experts on motor placement, burying coax, switches

    I've been playing around for a coupla weeks with my 3ABN dish sitting on sawhorses and coax snaking out a window with some rags keeping the cold air out (mostly). One thing's for sure - if you weight down the plywood the dish is bolted to with some big rocks the dish is less likely to blow...
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    Need advice on removing a BUD from a high roof

    I've been offered a BUD on a 2nd story roof about an hour's drive from me. I haven't seen it but from the owner's description it's about eight feet in diameter and perforated. Apparently the guy bought the property recently and wants the dish gone. What I'm picturing is tying a rope to the...
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    $0 Soda Straw Inclinometer for Line of Sight, With Pictures

    I was having trouble with trees blocking my LOS so did some hunting around on the Internet and found plans for a paper inclinometer here: Math Explorer: How High? Making Your Inclinometers I wanted something a little more durable than paper so made one out of wood, plus a plastic drinking straw...
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    Need help pointing to G10

    Using Mercury II did a blind scan, got the following: 11738/V/30031 11977/V/30031 12018/V/30031 11879/H/30031 11998/H/30031 12042/H/4344 12173/H/3138 Signal 90, Quality 34-38 Anyone know where I am? Thanks in advance
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    Anyone know how to flash a Motorola HDT100 tuner?

    I have a Motorola HDT100 ATSC tuner for OTA that went haywire - I suspect that the firmware got corrupted. Anyone know how to flash this unit or where to find a firmware file for it? I emailed Motorola technical support and got the brushoff: "Thank you for choosing Motorola. I apologize for...
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    Newbie question on mounting dish to motor

    I have a dish from 3ABN that is 33" wide and 37 1/4" tall. Bolted onto the back of the dish is an elevation bracket and a sleeve that accepts a 1 5/8" outer diameter pole. The sleeve accepts a pole coming from below. All well and good if I use the universal mount that came with the dish, say...
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    Who pays to put FTA out there?

    Question for the board - who pays to send content up to the birds for broadcast in the clear? Religious channels presumably are paid for by contributors, barker channels by the advertisers, foreign language channels mostly by foreign governments, NASA TV by the gov't, PBS feeds by PBS...