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    Reference to the above subject The salesman told me that above lnbf with 200K Noise Temperature is the best for receiving HD FULL HD 1080 MPEG4 -S2 TV channels . But from my previous knowledge the better low noise temperature in K kalvin is the better , therefore lnbf with 15K or 17k is...
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    How to determine the elevation angle of Offset dish

    Is this formula is correct blelow :- The elevation angle of offset dish = The elevation angle of prime focus dish - offset angle of offset dish Example :- the offset angle of the offset dish from Dish fatory = 20,36 deg. fixed angle The elevation angle of prime focus dish = 61,21 deg...
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    Xtrend ET 10000 Quad G-Edition Linux VLan PVR Receiver

    Hi, guys I bought the bove receiver with a built-in HDD 4Tra Bit installed inside it , When I turned the receiver on , and by using the remote controle I went to the main menu---> Information---> service I got in the sub-menu this ( HDD is not Available ) , But when to the main menu--->...
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    What is the actual paint of satellite dish used by satellite dishes factory ?

    I have a rusty dish and want to file and polish it in order to re-paint it with the original paint of the dish when it was new - Therefore what is the correct fourmula or contents to make a mixture of paint excactly the same as the satellite dishes factory paint . Please Advice Best Regards...
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    Which is better Ku-LNB for Prime Focus 360cm sold ( 4 pieces ) dish shown below

    Hi, Guys I have a prime focus 360cm sold (4 pieces ) dish which has a narrow focal point which needs a large Ku-LNB with circular Rings that can collect more signal Rays towards the focal point therefore I have already these two Ku-LNBs shown below which one do you think is better for this large...
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    Can I connect an external HDD additional to the internal HDD to VU+ Ultimo

    Hi, Guys I purchased a brand new satellite receiver ( VU+ Ultimo ) at the dealer store they installed internally an e-SATA 2Tera HDD and they told me I can not install an external HDD through the e-SATA USB port as far there is HDD installed inside the receiver , But there are two USB ports...
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    LNB2 IN is not receiving signals from DiSEqC#2 in Humax iCORD HD

    Hi , Guys I attached for you a diagram shows my connection to my satellite receiver Humax iCORD HD four satellites connected to DiSEqC#1 which is connecte to LNB1 IN . And four satellites connected to DiSEqC#2 which is connected to LNB2 IN as shown in the diagramme , I programme...
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    Is Astra 3B at 23.5 Deg East receivable at Riyadh - Saudi Arabia ?

    Hi, guys Is it possible to receive Astra 3B at 23.5 Deg East at Riyadh - Saudi Arabia If possible what the recommened Dish antenna size - I know this is a European satellite and its coverage -foot-print far away from Middle East Region But I asked this question when I saw this foot-print for...
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    What is the difference between L / R and Horizontal / Vertical Polarities ?

    Hi . ppl regarding the above subject please clarify the differences in the polarities when comes to C-Band frequencies and Ku-Band frequencies . They use Vertical polarity ( V ) and Horizontal polarity ( H ) for Ku-Band frequencies While They use ( R ) polarity or ( L ) polarity for...
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    Polarization and satellites positions

    Hi guys , could anyboy explain to me technicaly what is the relation between the polarization and the satellites posions , ( regarding to the rule that the polarization depends on the difference between the geographical longitude of the receiving site and the orbial position of the satellite . )...
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    Using Triax TMS 17x8C Multiswitch instead of DiSEqC Switch

    Hi , ppl I would like use Triax TMS 17x8C Multiswich instead of DiSEqC Switch . Now I am connecting four satellites using ordinary way using a DiSeqC switch with four inputs , input # 1 connected to Hotbird , input #2 connected to Nilesat , input #3 connected to Arabsat and input #4 connected...
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    What are the differences between DVD-R , DVD+R , DVD-RW , DVD+RW

    Hi guys , I have the following DVD Discs :- DVD-R , DVD+R , DVD-RW and DVD+RW . Could anybody explain to me technically the difference between DVD-R & DVD+R and DVD-RW & DVD+RW regarding Recording Formats . Any thought you would have be greatly appreciated . Best Regards...
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    Manhattan Plaza ST 550 CIP-IR PVR

    Hi , Guys this satellite receiver shown below Is it available in USA ? Does this receiver manufactured in USA ? If so Where can I get it in USA ? Best Regards A.M.AL-Madhi
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    Chaparral C/Ku-Feedhorn to be used with Universal LNB

    Hi Guys , During the early Nineties We used Chaparral C/Ku-Feedhorn fixed at the focal point of the motorized dish for receiving Analouge Transmission . The Ku-LNB was a Wideband its Local Osc 10750 for High Freq. and 9750 for Low Freq. Using Mechnical Polorizer for Swithing Polority . Now...
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    Dreambox 7025 does not delete channels

    Hi, guys please advice how can I delete channels from the main list ( All Channels ) because the user manual which comes with the receiver does not mention how to delete channels . Best Regards A.M. AL-MADHI
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    Relation between FEC and Dish Size

    Hi guys I read in a satellite magazine that there is a direct relation between FEC and the dish size - If you receive a channel and its FEC = 1/2 using 90 cm dish , but if you receive another channel and is FEC = 2/3 then the size of the dish has to be increased by a little bit by 90 cm X...
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    Patching vs Upgrading

    Hi , guys I am confused between Patching and Upgrading , I understand that both seem to me they are the same , by patching or upgrading means altering the instructions in the old programme i.e. from old version to new version . can anybody give me technical definitions for Patching and...
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    Laptop for Dreambox 7025 programming

    Hi , guys wondering if anybody can recommend the best laptop for programming Dreambox 7025 which can have the following accesses & slots shown below :- 1 - Serial Interface RS 232 2 - ETHERNET Interface 3 - USB connector 4 - Null Modem cable 5 - PCMCIA for Modules Insertions 6...
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    Two in One ( Satellite Receiver & TV Set )

    Hi , guys I remember 8 years ago my brother-in-law used to have a satellite receiver & TV sat in one unit brought it from Germany , I do not remember its name & model , when it became not working he disposed it , Can anybody tell me do they still manufacture these kinds of units . Best...
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    Motorized offset dish by Rotating the LNB inside a fixed sphere

    Hi , guys from plane geometry offset antenna sections cut from larger circular parabolic antenna the same way as sphere shape . therefore if you look at the attached file , you will see what I am planning to design which is a motorized offset dish , but not by the conventional way rotating...