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    Can't Set Up Recording via DTV website

    I'm trying to set up a recording via DTV's website. I subscribe to NHL Center Ice and my account shows it as such. I'm signed in to my account and tracked down the game I want on channel 774 (HD feed). When I hit the record button, I get a message saying I'm not authorized for this...
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    Genie and phone interference?

    Got my Genie installed on Saturday. They installed a HR44 and I kept one of my HR22's, so have 7 tuners. Ever since the install, I've noticed the sound quality of my home phone (cordless phones, not my mobile)is really bad. Hard to hear some callers, constant humming. Wonder if it's some sort...
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    To Genie or Not to Genie

    I've been a DTV subscriber for 12 years. I currently have 2 HD-DVRs (both HR22-100) and qualify for an upgrade. So my question is: is it worth upgrading to Genie or should I go for something else? Already paying more than my wife wants (Premier with all the movie channels, NHL Center Ice...
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    NHL CI-Accepting Orders/Renewals Yet?

    Just went into my account to make sure I'm set for NHL CI games tonight (free preview ended last night). Account shows $0 owed for this, so not sure if I'm automatically renewed. Went to NHL CI page on Directv site and still getting the message that this package is out of season, check back...
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    Apologies if this has been addressed, did a quick search but didn't find any results. Have recently got an iPad and love being able to utilize the HBOGo, MaxGo and DirecTV apps. I figured there are other networks that over similar services. Anyone have any insight if ESPN might make their...
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    SFO bars with NHL Center Ice

    Heading to San Francisco this weekend. Anyone know of a sports bar (in the city, preferably close to the union square area) that carries the NHL Center Ice package? Thanks, Indy
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    Paid VOD partial download

    I did a quick search but couldn't find anything on this subject. I apologize if I'm bringing up an old topic. So here's the deal. Used VOD to download "Up in the Air' (HD version) this weekend. Took an entire night to download (not unexpected). When I finally got to watch it Sunday night...
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    VS & NHL Center Ice Playoff Question

    Sorry if this has been asked before, couldn't track it down. Long story short, I'm in St Louis and have the Center Ice package. VS has a number of playoff games that are listed as "JIP"=Join in Progress. Will I be able to get those VS-JIP games through Center Ice on the team's local broadcast...