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    Thinking about switching to Direct.

    Only my (sometimes not so humble) opinion..... Most often poor signal strength is a sign of a misaligned satellite dish, which sadly is all too common with both Dish Network & DirecTV installers. These guys are simply in too big of a hurry to get to the next job and make their daily quota. KEY...
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    Which HD channel would you prefer to be added?

    I could agree, in part, but many of the true "classics" were originally filmed in "Flat" or 1.5:1 aspect ratio .
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    Dish Satellite 129 low signal or my Dish1000 equipment-

    The key to good results on the 129 (and 110) birds is for the installer to make sure that the mast pipe is perfectly dead-level plumb. When trying to sight-in multiple birds at multiple elevations and azimuths, there's no such thing as "close enough" - as the common pivot point, the mast has to...
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    purchase or lease a second VIP 211?

    Which is exactly the best reason in the world for purchasing.
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    Looking for advise on Dish network for Condo building

    Faced with your situation, with all due consideration for aesthetics & minimal cables runs, minimal rooftop hardware, as well as containing costs, I might be very tempted to consider the competitor's offering. Their single-wire multiswitch works well and is comparatively dirt cheap for up to 8...
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    Trench cost question beyond 50 feet

    Saw a D* Facia board install one time where 'Bozo' laid 2 figure-8 cables in the rain gutter & dropped it down the downspout. Saw another one time in Iowa where one of Cox Cable's 'Bozos' ran his through the furnace vents to get to an upstairs bedroom. If he did it once, you just know he's done...
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    Trench cost question beyond 50 feet

    and of course these $125 pole mounts of yours (that DNS does @ no extra charge) are absolutely, perfectly dead-level plumb......... ;)
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    Signal interference, microwave oven

    I too have seen this. As others have suggested, try using a different circuit for your DVR, ie, not simply one on a different breaker, but one which is on the opposite 120v buss. If you have a volt meter handy, connect the volt meter to an outlet you'd like to test to see which buss it is on...
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    RG6 Question

    Cable TV companies were using RG6 almost exclusively as far back as the mid 1970s, even quad-shield RG6. Personally I can't imagine a house built in the mid-1990s being pre-wired with anything other than RG6 (or 6 quad). For satellite use, plain RG6 is fine. For CATV use RG6/Quad. Quad shield...
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    New Smartcard Poll (Feb)

    Got the card for the 722, but still nothing for our two 211k's
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    Thanks. Will check it out.
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    Only half of programming is being recorded on my 622...

    Curious what make/model of TV is connected to the 622? Sony Bravia possibly? Have you tried rebooting the 622?
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    As documented elsewhere, recent Sony Bravia LCD TVs are wreaking utter havoc with IR remotes. We have two 211K's and a 722. All is quite well except for the 211k that's attached to a new Sony KDL-40SL-140 (Sam's Club) in the guest bedroom. Anytime the bedroom lights are off and you're...
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    Sirius XM being stalked by Dish?

    The Sirius + XM merger was something of a disaster. The object of most mergers is to combine operations into one, then eliminate 1/2 the overhead. Unfortunately that's not totally possible because the two services' subscriber receivers are incompatible w/each other. It's tantamount to D* and E*...
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    "A Gift For Our Loyal Customer"

    That's the number I was given as well.
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    Trouble with ViP 222 and Dish 1000.2

    Coax to port 1, then cover the left & right LNBs with aluminum foil. Unconventional, yes, but this will help insure that the 119 signal you're seeing is coming from the center LNB. This is often the best way for self-installs to get lined up on the correct bird. Works also for peaking the skew...
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    Changed TV's-Reciever Locks up

    Get an electrical plug tester (the plug-in kind with the multiple lights on it) and check your outlets in both rooms. Something's not Kosher here. Sounds like possible hot/neutral reversal or open neutral. (and shock hazard). Do any of your lights wink or dim when turning on other appliances?
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    Coax Cable Length

    Thanks Ken. I will defer to your expertise on this. Merely sharing what we observed with a TDR and RG6 (single shield) inside 1/2" EMT (but with no electrical connection to the coax. No doubt your suggetsion to connect the braid at one end to the conduit would have solved the problem. (never...
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    211 updates?

    211 or 211-K? They are different animals and each has a different code base. The current load for the 211K is L454 and has been around for at least a month. (That's all the longer I've had a 211k so I can't be of much help)
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    Coax Cable Length

    Be careful with coax in conduit - you'll change the impedance of the cable. Coax can go inside PVC no problem, but if metallic thinwall or rigid you'll want to be inside a minimum 1" pipe else you'll wind up with signal loss you can't explain.