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    Recorded shows keep interfering with live shows

    If I pause a show on a channel where I also have a recorded show saved, when I hit resume it goes to a message that says the recorded show as finished and forces me back to live tv which cause it to jump ahead and I lose all of the show I paused. The thing is that the recorded show has nothing...
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    Fed up with Hopper reverting to recorded show when I pause tv

    Hi, I mentioned this before and got no response so I will post the details again in hopes someone has a thought! Ok, so I am watching channel 205 from 3-6, I also have two shows set to record at 4 and 5. I am watching regular tv on 205, not the recorded show. Let's say I pause tv at 4:45, at...
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    When recording ends channel changes.

    Let's see if I can explain this. Watching channel 205. At five a program on 205 is set to record, remember I am already watching 205 before the recording starts. I have paused tv then go back to watching. When the recording ends I get a pop up telling me the recording has finished with the...
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    Hopper 3 goes to sleep at random times.

    My Hopper 3 goes to sleep regardless of what you are doing. It will go to sleep while scrolling the guide, watching a show etc. with no message. This happens all of the time.
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    Update: inconsistent signal strength

    Couldn't figure out how to modify the subject of my previous post so this is an update! After more research I can see that the signal strength is fluctuation between 13 and 55. One hour it's at 18 then in a while it is at 54 then back to 22. The tech was out and saw the week signal but then...
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    Weak Sat signal After Switching To Hopper 3

    Hi all, I have had my Hopper 3 for a while now and most things are going ok. One issue I have now is the sat signals seem to be much worse than before (previously on 922). I know the installer changed the LNB and now I lose signal much faster and more frequently than before. I even told the...
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    Wish List! Two remotes for the Hopper 3

    I know it isn't so but I wish we could pair two remotes to the Hopper 3. It is a bit of a pain to drag it from room to room!!
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    Hopper 3 audio settings?

    In the audio settings does this have any affect on the audio out for HDMI? It seems no matter what I select it doesn't change. It does however affect the 2-channle (stereo) out. It seems this was the case in some older posts and I just wanted to follow up on this. Thanks.
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    Hopper 3 Keeps recording the same movie.

    When I go to the guide and select a movie that comes on later in the evening and select record it sets it as a series and sets to record all new and reruns. I have watched this and if I don't change the timer to "once" it records every occurrence of the movie. Why would it set a movie on HBO as...
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    Hopper 3 Poor Picture Quality on Playback

    So I am a few weeks into the Hopper 3 now. Switched from my VIP 922 and so far I am not impressed with the Hopper. The remote sucks. The layout is poor. I have found I can not switch to live tv if I am watching a recorded show from the same channel I want to go live on. The only way is to...
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    Hopper 3, turn off info on right side of guide.

    Greetings all, just moved from a 922 to the Hopper 3. On the right hand side of the channel guide on the Hopper 3 there is a channel info section. Is there a way to turn this off? I would rather see more time slots than info on every channel I scroll through! Thanks and probably more...