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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    I love when the Yankees or Mets are scheduled for ESPN/2 and ESPN sends us the News Feed instead. I think I would have that channel on 24/7 if I had the chance.
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    5 New Channels Coming!

    As per Cable Rant: Cablevision will be adding 5 additional HD channels to their lineup. This brings the total to 65 HD channels. The new additions are as follows VH1-HD MTV-HD Fuse-HD CMT-HD NHL-HD Our sources tell us that Cablevision will use their traditional 3 day rollout...
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    CBS College Sports Channel

    So I know that the CBS College Sports Channel launched a few weeks ago. Wasn't it supposed to be on the Sports Tier? I was flipping channels tonight and I was able to watch some of the '08 NCAA Tourney. We only have Family cable, so maybe it is just a free preview? Thanks
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    Cablevision to add 15 more HD Channels

    That's a great partial list...Probably will add CNBC or FBN, and either ESPNews or ESPNU. Can't wait until August. *** The first post on this topic was deleted. There is a link to the story in post three***
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    CBS College Sports being added to the Sports Pak

    Do you know if we will be getting the HD Feed by Fall??
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    What Cablevision Should Do

    I have no problems with HD on my end...8300HD Receiver on the Warwick, NY system in Northwest NJ. I've never had a problem with mybox (Going on 3 years now). My previous box at school I had for 10 months, not one problem either. I will be happy when CBS College Sports HD launches in time for...
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    newer boxes?

    I read the same thing on another forum. I really hope it's true. At least a software upgrademaybe...Our boxes are nothing compared to what is offered by other services such as DTV/DISH/Fios/AT&T.
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    ESPN2 HD - Anyone else having problems?

    Also having problems in Northwest Jersey...(Warwick, NY system).
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    Fox Business Channel

    ^^Don't worry, I read somewhere that QVCHD will be appearing before the end of the year...Be rest assured that CV will pick that up the first day available
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    On Demand

    Has anyone been having issues with ordering movies from OnDemand? Both channel 500 and 700 do not seem to be working properly...
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    Espn 2 Hd

    They usually switch to ESPNews on regular cable...Since that channel isn't HD yet, they probably just switched to ESPN2.
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    New channels In June?

    ^^^Don't forget ESPNnews HD when it comes in Jan/Feb.
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    New channels In June?

    Thankfully only 2 are on NFL Network HD :) Hopefully ESPN will start doing there Game of The Weeks in HD, so even more networks can start filling there HD Schedules (FSN, MSG).
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    Voom HD is Coming June 26th through 28th

    I hate to go off of the thread topic...but how many people watch BBC America? I would think even the international channels would be more popular than this. Not an attack on you, but I would think it is only a niche channel.
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    Music Choice..should CV get another music provider?

    Kind of strange question...But does anyone know if the Music Choice channels are broadcast in 16x9? On our LCD, the graphics come up larger than a standard 4x3 area. Just curious, thanks!
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    Voom On Io Package

    Hopefully on Family Cable, so everyone has a chance to have it.
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    New channels In June?

    Any updated news?
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    New channels In June?

    Since it is finally June now...Can we at least get a hint? :)
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    Any chance we can pick this up before the Shuttle Launch Next Week? I wish they would just pick it up the feed for a day so we can see HD Shuttle Launch Coverage. It's going to be the first night-time shuttle launch in a very long time. I think only HDNet covers it in High Def also. Maybe one of...
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    New channels In June?

    Why SD channels? :)